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TF60 - 1

Gmeiner GmbH Wernberg-Koblitz BUCHER municipal Bucher Municipal M Niederweningen Arvel Industries Sarl Coudes Giletta SpA g Revello (CN) Giletta SpA Gaggio Montano (BO) Snow Cutter-Blower Assaloni.Com TF60Front Snow Cutter-Blower

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TF60 - 2 TF60 Front snow cutter-blower for light vehicles, suitable for clearing snow and widening passages, also with hard Adjustable deflector With hydraulic control to adjust the snow blowing. Ejection device It is interchangeable with other types of extended funnels. and frozen snow. Mechanically or hydraulically operated. Two-stage system: the first stage consists of two cutter drums, both held by the same axle, with lateral supports 240° turnable ejection device Equipped with anti-acing safety device, with by-pass valve. to maintain the perfect alignment; the second stage consists...

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