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Irox XS - 1

Configuration examples Irox XS.16 Gmeiner GmbH Wernberg-Köblitz Bucher Municipal Niederweningen Arvel Industries Sarl BMU_IR-XS_EN_rev00 - 05/2016 - The technical data and pictures are indicative and not binding. Snowplough Giletta SpA Via A. De Gasperi, 1 I-12036 Revello (CN) tel. +39 0175 258 800 fax. +39 0175 258 825 Adjustable castor wheels Sliding shoes Fitted on request, they are used to adjust the height of the scraping edge from the ground. They absorb some of the blade’s weight. Irox XS S-Light snowplough

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Irox XS - 2

Super-Light “S-Light” snowplough for pick-up, light and off-road vehicles composed of a monolithic blade with a central tube which serves as a reinforcement truss and a pushing group for connection to the vehicle. It's equipped with a shock absorber system in rubber preloaded springs. It is perfectly suitable for snow removal in urban roads also when many obstacles are present. Central transversal inclination angle system It locks the plough in the horizontal position with blade raised and frees it completely to follow the road profile with blade lowered in working position. Thanks to this...

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