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Glycol Recovery Unit


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Glycol Recovery Unit - 2

The Beam Airport Range Beam is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist sweepers and high pressure washing equipment. Founded 40 years ago, Beam now has over 2500 machines in service worldwide with airports, contractors and municipal customers. The Beam airport range is designed to address the key surface cleansing needs of all sizes of airports in any environment. In particular, • High speed runway sweeping with speeds of up to 45 km/h • Stand cleaning and degreasing • Runway rubber removal using either: – Ultra high pressure water, or chemical application • Painted line removal •...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 3

A9500 High Speed Runway Sweeper The unique design of sweeping system and pick-up hood allows for sweeping speeds of up to 45km/h using 2 sets of nozzles – each focussed on different types of FOD. • Exceeds requirements of all military and civil aviation authority pick-up tests. Dust suppresion spray bar Runway ‘V’ formation channels and primary suction nozzles Side blast nozzle Widesweep brush • Has a working speed that gives double the productivity of traditional runway sweepers. • Has sweeping and pick-up systems located between the axles where they are protected from collision damage. •...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 4

A9000/A14000 Stand Cleaning and Degreasing The Beam stand cleaner is offered in a number of configurations in order to suit all sizes of airports. The primary function of all these machines is the cleaning of oil, grease and fuel spills from aircraft parking stands, together with the recovery of glycol. The Beam stand cleaner in basic configuration: • 9m³ hopper in mild or stainless steel • Water capacity, 2900 litres • Detergent tank, 200-400 litres • High pressure pump, 200 bar @ 100 litres • Left and right hand channel brushes for Widesweep brush Spray bar for water and detergent • Full...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 5

Scrubbing the detergent Left High pressure jet rinsing Optional equipment • 9 or 14m³ hoppers • Additional water tanks – Internal (hopper) 600 & 1000 litres – External (between cab & hopper) 1100, 1500, 2000 litres • 3rd brush for additional scrubbing • Side blast nozzles • Rear mounted rotor cleaning system for superior cleaning performance with lower water consumption • High pressure systems up to 600 bar • Front mounte

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 6

The Beam UHP washer is offered in two variants, the standard 170kW model and a high power 250kW version. Both machines have a variety of applications - including runway rubber removal, painted line removal, and surface texturing. Cleaning widths vary between 300mm and 2500mm. The UHP 170 and 250 are mounted on either 3 or 4 axle chassis. They have 14m! stainless steel hoppers containing: • Fresh water tanks • A waste tank • The ultra high pressure water pump • A powerful fan driven vacuum system to collect waste All power comes from the chassis engine driven through a hydrostatic...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 7

Runway rubber removal The chemical option The Beam A9000 and A14000 machines can be equipped with detergent and high pressure water systems that facilitates the cleaning of runway rubber deposits using chemicals. • 9 or 14m! hopper options in mild or stainless steel for the collection of chemical waste and rubber deposits. • Water capacity 2900/4500 standard with optional additional tanks of up to 3000 litres • Detergent tank, 400 litres • High pressure pump options 200-400 bar and 100 litres per minute • Optional water heating system Above left Chemical dispersal Far left Agitating the...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 8

Machine Design and Construction All Beam machines are constructed from a range of modular options. These modules are shared across all applications - from stand cleaning machines, to runway rubber removal. The core modules are: hopper, power and fan pack, brush and nozzle systems and water systems. Typical chassis layout: Typical chassis layout: Water volume range: Water volume range:

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 9

1. Optional additional water tanks in hopper reduce the hopper's voided volume. 2. A weight calculation is required to ensure axle loads are permitable. 3. The rear suction option will reduce the standard water capacity by 400 litres. Power pack options - Twin engine or hydrostatic drive The twin engine power pack uses a choice of Auxiliary engines with power ratings up to 210kW. Power is transmitted to the dynamically balanced fan via a belt drive system and fluid flywheel. All Beam machines are designed to deliver exceptional performance at very low engine rpm keeping noise and fuel...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 10

In-cab control systems The sweeping controls are located in the cab. Far left Standard control panel Left Integrated controls are an optional extra Wanderhoses There are nine different wanderhose options mounted either at the rear or on top of the vehicle – ideal for clearing out gulleys at the edge of the runways or taxiways or for tough to reach areas. Far left Top mounted wanderhose Left Rear mounted wanderhose The Beam Rotorcleaning system As an alternative to full width rear suction and spray bars, Beam offers a rear mounted Rotorcleaning system. The Rotorcleaner achieves superior...

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Glycol Recovery Unit - 12

Due to continuous product development Beam A/S reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. AIRBRO/ENG/SIL/4K/05 2009

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