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Any kind of snow needs a specific scraping edge: - Bi-shore rubber or ployurethane scraping edge for soft or wet snow - Steel scraping edge for hard packed or iced snow BUCHER municipal “LC” with single rubber scraping edge In “Neoprene” with bi-shore structure, it's attached directly to the blade; it fits perfectly to the road profile disconnections, produces no noise and is ideal for soft or wet snow. Gmeiner GmbH Wernberg-Koblitz Bucher Municipal Niederweningen Arvel Industries Sarl Coudes Giletta SpA g Revello (CN) “LN” with rubber scraping edge and a second stainless scraping edge with hydraulic entering You can choose at any time whether to work with the rubber scraping edge or the steel one, depending on the snow and road conditions. This version is suitable for every application, thanks to the integration of both scraping edges. Giletta SpA Gaggio Montano (BO) Snow Ploughs Giletta L Ployethylene Snow Ploughs Fitted on request, they are used to adjust the height of the scraping edge from the ground. On request, they prevent the blade from sticking into obstacles at the road side. On request, they are in steel tubular for the implement parking; also available in a version with wheels. On the lifting cylinder, in accordance with the safety regulations (CE mark). On request, they are also available on the rotation.

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Giletta L - 2

Giletta L Single-section medium-heavy plough L, with HD polyethylene shield and a high yield point steel structure. The Led clearance lights Resistant to vibrations and external agents. Steel structure High tension steel. Rotation Rotation angle from +30° to –30° Polyethylene bolted to the structure is free from corrosion. Thanks to a minor adhesion of snow on this material, it allows for a better snow evacuation and a reduction of the vehicle effort. Suitable for clearing snow from highways and fast or trunk roads. Engineered for any environmental condition, it can have rubber or steel...

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