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Bucher Municipal D Gmeiner GmbH - Wernberg-Köblitz Arvel Coudes Bucher Municipal CH Niederweningen BMU_TN_GB_rev00 - 04/2014 - The technical data and pictures are indicative and not binding. Bucher Municipal IT Giletta SpA - Revello (CN) Maquiasfalt Madrid Bucher Municipal IT Giletta SpA - Gaggio Montano (BO) Snow plough Bucher Municipal IT Giletta SpA Via A. De Gasperi, 1 I -12036 Revello (CN) tel. +39 0175 258 800 fax. +39 0175 258 825 Snow plough with multisector scraping edge

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Rapid attachment plate to vehicle Available in standard EU15432 version F1 or F2, DIN760060 or SETRA By-pass valve In the shock-absorbing system of the hydraulic rotation circuit it contributes in further absorbing impact. Mechanical adjustment of the angle Possibility to rotate the shear in three different positions. Light snow plough with monolithic shear and lower elements with independent shock-absorbing system. It is equipped with hydraulic controls which enable right-left rotation and lifting-lowering operations. It is perfectly suitable for snow removal both in urban and in...

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