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Q Series - 3

P.4 THE Q400 The world's most modern turboprop P.28 THE BOMBARDIER FLIGHTADVANTAGE Ensuring the readiness and reliability of your aircraft

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Q Series - 4

Short haul doesn’t mean passengers should be short-changed. The robust Q400, the world’s most modern turboprop, has been honed to perfection, allowing families, businesses and communities to stay connected.

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Q Series - 5

The Q400, the latest in the Q Series family, provides unmatched performance and operational flexibility. Designed as a modern, 21st-century turboprop, it entered service in the year 2000. The Q400 is an aircraft nimble enough for a steep approach, yet tough enough to land on unpaved runways. It’s a real performer at high altitude airports too, such as La Paz, Bolivia, one of the world’s highest. (The Q400 has the certification to prove it.) Thanks to the Q400’s versatility, with its combination of turboprop attributes and jet-like features, the aircraft can be adapted to a variety of...

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Q Series - 7

DOUBLE DUTY The Q400 offers the best of both worlds: able to either fly slower to minimize fuel burn or faster to maximize productivity. At lower speeds, it offers the same trip cost as competing turboprops, with up to 14 more seats. At higher speeds, the Q400 delivers over 30% cost advantage compared to the jet aircraft it often replaces. PRODUCTIVITY ADVANTAGE With more seats and the ability to do more trips per day, the Q400 offers over $8 million additional value per aircraft compared to other turboprops. MORE CHOICES With more seats, more legroom, more passengers, more cargo and more...

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Q Series - 8

CARRYING CAPACITY Versatility is key. Through a variety of layout configurations, the Q400 is fully capable of addressing different needs and market demands. SINGLE CLASS TRUE BUSINESS CLASS The Q400 offers the only true dual-class cabin (firstin and first-out) in the turboprop market. With spacious, three-abreast seats located at the front of the cabin and four-abreast at the back, as well as dual lavatories, this configuration delivers a premium experience to premium passengers. In a single-class configuration, the Q400 seats up to 82 passengers at a comfortable 30-inch pitch for each...

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Q Series - 9

LARGER OVERHEAD BINS The Q400’s spacious overhead bins easily accommodate 22 x 16 x 10.5 inch roller bags, allowing a total of 52 bags to be stowed. CABIN COMFORTS Inside and out, the Q400 has been continuously improved to make it the largest and most comfortable turboprop in the world. BETTER BOARDING The Q400 is the only turboprop that offers forward and aft rear passenger doors, as well as the ability to use airport jetways, providing passengers with a more comfortable and efficient way to get on and off the aircraft. MAXIMIZED VIEWING AREA The aircraft’s dished sidewalls increase the...

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Q Series - 10

With an updated cabin configuration, sculpted sidewalls and LED lighting, the Q400 offers a spacious and inviting interior.

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Q Series - 11

FLYING EFFICIENTLY Simply put, the Q400 has the lowest fuel consumption per passenger of any turboprop in the industry, making it an efficient and greener option. FLYING RESPONSIBLY COMMUNITY NOISE NOISE FOOTPRINT COMMUNITY NOISE LEVELS (EPNdB) smaller footprint In-production jets* EPNdB margin The turboprop burns 30% less fuel and produces 30% lower emissions on short-haul routes where it has replaced similar capacity jet aircraft – that’s over 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year per aircraft. The Q400 is also one of the quietest aircraft flying today. Its advanced propulsion system...

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Q Series - 12

EXPANDED OPPORTUNITIES BEST PERFORMER The Q400 aircraft’s short airfield performance, modern avionics, superior climb profile and special operations capabilities (including RNP, steep approach, gravel and narrow runways) allow it to profitably operate out of the most challenging airports. FASTER FLIGHT TIMES The Q400 is 30% faster than conventional turboprops. With a maximum cruise speed of 360 knots, the aircraft can easily fly between Frankfurt and Paris in an hour. Its maximum range of 2,040 km (1,100 NM), coupled with its versatility, is also helping operators to replace and supplement...

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Q Series - 13

Q SERIES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Q SERIES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Passengers Cargo Passenger Configuration Type Propellers 2 PW150A turboprops 2 Dowty model R408, electronically controlled, 6 composite blades Maximum Power 5,071 shp / Maximum Takeoff Weight 61,700 lb. / 27,987 kg Maximum Landing Weight 60,500 lb. / 27,442 kg Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 55,500 lb. / 25,174 kg Takeoff Field Length ISA, SL, MTOW 4,265 ft. / 1,300 m Landing Field Length ISA, SL, MLW 4,160 ft. / 1,268 m Maximum Takeoff Weight 67,200 lb. / 30,481 kg Maximum Landing Weight 64,000 lb. / 29,029kg Maximum...

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Q Series - 14

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS RANGE MAPS Wing Area Fuselage Maximum Diameter Oslo Stockholm Riga Montreal Minneapolis Little Rock Dallas Grand Forks Tehran Shanghai Nanchang Naha Kunming Hong Kong Dubai Muscat Asia Pacific | Hong Kong | HKG Middle East | Dubai | DXB Fuselage Maximum Diameter

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Q Series - 15

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Q SERIES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CABIN CONFIGURATIONS CROSS-SECTIONS Combi Seats Seat pitch Seats Seat pitch Seats Seat pitch Economy Class Seats Seat pitch A Flight Attendant L Lavatory B Baggage/Cargo Area W Wardrobe

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Q Series - 16

Our goal is to give you the advantage over your competition. With The Bombardier FlightAdvantage, you’ll work alongside the team that knows your aircraft best. You’ll benefit from our expertise, experience and passion. It’s world-class support, worldwide.

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Q Series - 17

THE BOMBARDIER our business streams Supporting more than 2,700 aircraft that carry more than 200 million passengers annually is not a responsibility we take lightly. That’s why our Customer Services team has been assembled from the outside in, built with a customer-first mentality that is focused on providing you with an advantage over your competitors. Our purpose is to demonstrate the unparalleled value of our offerings and the advantages of trusting in us to get the job done. Our promise is to utilize our world-class experience, skills and support to provide a...

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