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C Series Meet the only community-friendly aircraft family optimized for the 100- to 150-seat market Commercial name Type of aeroplane Type Certificate Data Sheet Number Date of Certification Certification body Propulsion system Engine trade name Standard accommodation Maximum passenger capacity Maximum takeoff weight Takeoff field length Maximum cruising speed Maximum operating altitude Maximum range Fuel efficiency V As the demand for air transportation continues to grow, the aviation industry faces global environmental challenges. Bombardier actively supports the industry’s climate change...

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CS100 Configuration The C Series aircraft family offers a flexible cabin with a capacity that typically ranges from 100 to 160 Selected CS100 Aircraft Cabin Configuration passengers. The CS100 aircraft can offer a maximum capacity of 135 passengers. For the Environmental Product Declaration, Bombardier selected a 125-seat Seat Pitch CS100 Aircraft Capacity 125 108 Dual Class 135 High-Density Single Class Maximum Capacity In each of its interior configurations, the single-aisle C Series aircraft delivers a widebody feel. The cabin was intentionally designed from the inside out to provide...

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A Life Cycle Perspective Environmental Profile of the CS100 Aircraft C Series life cycle All Bombardier sites are ISO 14001-certified. The C Series aircraft final assembly line in Mirabel and the Belfast (Northern Ireland) site, where the C Series aircraft wing is manufactured, are both LEED* certified. * LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design We based the assessment on the following: the feature of the design process, highlighting the aircraft will fly 60,000 times over its entire lifetime significance of different design options and the true overall environmental impact these...

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OPERATION Over the last 40 years, the average fuel efficiency of commercial aircraft improved by 70 per cent. However, while this is an impressive achievement for the industry, the environmental footprint of aircraft must continue to be reduced. As fuel burn directly relates to CO2 emissions, it is essential to target minimal fuel consumption per passenger. Bombardier has designed the only single-aisle aircraft family optimized for the 100- to 150-seat market using best-in-class technologies. The C Series aircraft have unmatched fuel efficiency, as low as 2 liters per 100 km per passenger....

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Lowest noise and emissions in its class The noise signature of the C Series aircraft is comparable to smaller aircraft such as turboprop aircraft, and significantly less than its similar-sized competitors. With the lowest noise and emissions levels of any commercial aircraft in its class, the C Series aircraft is ideal for urban operations and noise-sensitive airports. To give a real feel on how quiet the CS100 is, the graph below compares the CS100 aircraft noise level to other urban sounds: Community noise certification numbers The noise of the aircraft varies according to the engine...

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At Bombardier, integrating the core value of environmental sustainability into our product development function is fundamental to our process when designing our state-of-the-art aircraft. Applying a complete life cycle perspective to aircraft design is central to our product responsibility strategy. Maximizing energy and resource efficiency, eliminating hazardous substances and related toxic emissions, as well as enhancing the overall product recoverability rate, is the result of a high quality working process applied to product design and cascaded to our supply chain. The...

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