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C series Brochure - 3

the c series The world’s most advanced single-aisle jet P.34 Customer services Ensuring the readiness and reliability of your aircraft

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C series Brochure - 4

The world’s leanest, most economical aircraft wasn’t created by tweaking – it was purpose-designed and built from the ground up. The C Series is now the most efficient aircraft in the skies.

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C series Brochure - 5

The C Series is the only aircraft purpose-built for the 100- to 150-seat market. Yet this entirely purpose-built aircraft has been made possible thanks to a long line of industry-shaping aircraft in the Bombardier family. The C Series, which incorporates decades of experience in the aviation industry, is the natural progression and exciting future of Bombardier’s commercial aircraft. Composed of the CS100 and the larger CS300, the C Series family represents the fusion of performance and technology. The result is two aircraft that deliver up to 18% reductions on per-passenger costs, making...

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C series Brochure - 7

FAMILY AFFAIR With two distinct yet similar models, the C Series provides full flexibility when it comes to different levels of traffic, frequency requirements and operational realities. The CS100 aircraft carries between 100 and 135 passengers and offers unmatched flexibility for many airline business models. It is an ideal solution for hotand-high airports, short runways and steep approaches. CS300 The CS300 aircraft offers the lowest per-passenger costs in its category, making it the most profitable solution for mid-sized markets with up to 160 passengers per flight, and ideal for a...

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C series Brochure - 8

ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE Peak Performance The C Series aircraft’s unmatched efficiencies, through significant reductions in fuel burn and operating costs, create superior economic advantages. The ultra-modern CS100 and CS300 aircraft offer unmatched performance and operational flexibility, thanks to their exceptional airfield capabilities and transcontinental range. COST COUNTS IMPRESSIVE REACH The family offers 18% lower per-passenger costs than larger, re-engined aircraft – creating an unbeatable advantage and more profitable route operations. Both the CS100 and the CS300 possess a range of...

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C series Brochure - 9

Aviation Advanced The C Series aircraft are ultra-modern, from engines to engineering, ensuring that operators enjoy value today and growth tomorrow. Designed specifically for the 100- to 150-seat singleaisle market, the C Series is the only entirely new family of airliners in its class. The two models benefit from leading-edge technology and systems integration, advanced materials and the latest generation aerodynamics. State-of-the-art Flight Deck The C Series cutting-edge flight deck includes large LCD displays as well as dual flight management systems (FMS) with optimized control and...

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C series Brochure - 10

A. Integrated flight management system B. Graphical flight planning C. Sensed electronic checklist D. Advanced multi-scan weather radar E. Advanced fly-by-wire with side stick controls F. Auto throttle (moving thrust levers) G. CAT IIIa autoland (CAT IIIb optional) H. Controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC) I. Data link with full-format printer (optional) J. Optimized human-machine interface K. Head-up displays (optional) L. Class 2 electronic flight bags (optional) M. Growth capability

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C series Brochure - 11

CABIN COMFORTS Every C Series interior configuration is designed to deliver an unrivalled passenger experience. The cabin was intentionally designed from the inside out to provide space where it matters most, leading to an unparalleled passenger experience. UNRIVALLED SPACE The C Series provides unmatched personal space without compromise, thanks to its 19-inch seat width – the widest on a single-aisle aircraft – as well as large windows (11 x 16 inches), which are positioned to provide optimal viewing angles and natural light. More Stowage With the largest stowage in its class, the C...

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C series Brochure - 13

COMMUNITY FRIENDLY 20% CO2 Emissions advantage per seat The C Series is the ideal aircraft for urban operations thanks to its unmatched environmental scorecard. noise FOOTPRINT Reduced Impact Bombardier assesses the environmental impact of its aircraft throughout their life cycles. Through its design, manufacturing, operations and recyclability, the C Series will be issued an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) upon entry into service – an industry first. smaller footprint C Series In-production aircraft* In-production aircraft* * Compared to competitors in the same category With the...

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C series Brochure - 15

TECHNICAL specifications TECHNICAL specifications General Passengers Capacity Passengers Capacity Cargo Volume Weight 2 Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1500G Engines 130 (up to 160) PW1519G Engines* Cargo Volume Weight weight Maximum Takeoff Weight Base 121,000 lb. / 54,885 kg Max 134,000 lb. / 60,781 kg Maximum Takeoff Weight Base 132,000 lb. / 59,874 kg Max 149,000 lb. / 67,585 kg Maximum Landing Weight Base 112,500 lb. / 51,029 kg Max 115,500 lb. / 52,390 kg Maximum Landing Weight Base 124,500 lb. / 56,472 kg Max 129,500 lb. / 58,740 kg Maximum Payload Base 30,350 lb. / 13,767 kg Max 33,350...

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C series Brochure - 16

TECHNICAL specifications TECHNICAL specifications Range maps Range maps Almaty Tashkent Urumqi Beijing Seoul Vancouver Delhi St. John’s Denver Los Angeles Karachi Mumbai Hong Kong Miami Mexico City Singapore Bridgetown Caracas Panama City Georgetown Bogota Belém Quito Manaus Port Moresby Bali Darwin Cairns Asia Pacific | Hong Kong | HKG Narsarsuaq Paris Astana Rome Urumqi Astana London Paris Munich Athens Tripoli Lahore Delhi Tashkent Bucharest Istanbul Tehran Gran Canaria Tripoli Cairo Karachi Dubai Mumbai Jeddah Dubai Jeddah Khartoum Douala Libreville Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Victoria...

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C series Brochure - 17

TECHNICAL specifications TECHNICAL specifications Fuselage Maximum Diameter Economy Class Fuselage Maximum Diameter 20.0 in. / 0.51 m Wing Area Wing Area Fuselage Maximum Diameter Fuselage Maximum Diameter A Wide 20.0 in. / 0.51 m business class seat B Wide 18.5 in. / 0.47 m seat C Oversized 19.0 in. / 0.48 m middle seat Business Class

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