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Bfral Visibly Better SWS-200LW Visibility & Present Weather Sensor Datasheet Monitors visibility and present weather. Identifies and quantifies a wide range of precipitation types Low power and light weight sensor optimised for transportable and solar/battery applications KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS > WMO 4680 present weather codes 9 2.9W Power consumption 9 Light weight 2.7Kg 9 Selectable measurement range from 10m to 75km 9 Selectable measurement resolution of lm or 10m (default) 9 Digital output 9 Compatible with ALS-2 Ambient Light Sensor 9 Comprehensive self-test and maintenance data 9 2 Years Warranty The SWS-200LW is optimised for use in applications where accurate and reliable visibility and present weather measurements are required from a low power light weight sensor. Typical applications include solar powered weather stations and highly portable tactical AWOS. Applications The need to measure visibility and present weather accurately and consistently is not limited to accessible sites where mains power is readily to hand. For example, national weather services require networks of monitoring stations to inform their forecasts but the optimum location for a monitoring site may be remote and isolated, requiring reliance on solar or wind power. Even in more built up locations the cost of supplying mains power to a particular part of a site may be several times the cost of the equipment to be installed, making solar powered systems very attractive. With a power consumption of just 2.9W the SWS-200LW has the measurement range and accuracy expected of a fully featured visibility sensor making it a perfect choice for remote or solar powered sites. As well as being low powered, the sensor is also light weight having been developed as part of a man portable tactical Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) for the US military. Despite its low weight, the SWS-200LW remains a rugged and reliable sensor, well suited to use in portable or transportable weather stations. The sensor's measurement range and accuracy, coupled with the ability to interface directly to the ALS-2 Ambient Light Sensor, allow it to be used in aviation weather systems including those reporting Runway Visual Range.

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Visibility Measurement The measurement of visibility by forward scatter as used by the SWS-200LW is now widely accepted and seen as having significant advantages over more traditional techniques such as the use of backscatter sensors or transmissometers. Backscatter sensors can be very compact, although the backscatter signal is strongly dependent on the type of obstruction to vision, resulting in poor accuracy and limited upper range. The SWS-200LW by contrast is compact, requires little maintenance and has a visibility range of 10m to 75km, with a user selectable resolution of either 1 or...

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Sensor Configuration Information For a detailed explanation of the configuration options please refer to the table below. 20LW - SWS-200LW Sensor Hood Heating: NH - Without heating Data Output: J - Standard outputs Self-test and Monitoring: S - Standard self-test and monitoring Ambient Light Sensor Interface: NA - Without ALS-2 Interface WA - With ALS-2 Interface Cable options: 06 - 6m Cable with mating connector Precipitation Definitions: XX - Country code (enter precipitation code) Colour: TN - Desert Tan GN - NATO Green WT - White Configuration: RC - Regular Configuration SC - Special...

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Visibility & Present Weather Measurement Operating temperature Certification & Compliance_ CE Certified EMC compliance with EN61326-1997, 1998, 2001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Output rate (seconds) Self-test capability Power Requirements Included with Sensor The sensor is delivered in sturdy recyclable foam filled packaging with: - Pole mounting kit (2 x U-bolt) - User manual and calibration certificates Sensor Power Additional Features Accessories - Optional Window contamination monitoring © Biral - Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd. 2018 For more information, visit www.biral.com...

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