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SWS-050 Visibility Sensor Datasheet Monitors visibility and obstruction to vision caused by dust, fog, rain, drizzle, snow and hail Designed for easy integration with intelligent systems such as weather stations and aviation applications KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS 9 10m to 40km measurement range • Selectable measurement resolution of lm or 10m (default) • Compact forward scatter design 9 Not affected by local lights 9 Easily installed by one person 9 Hood heating for use in extreme environments 9 Easy integration of Biral ALS-2 ambient light sensor 9 Comprehensive self-test and maintenance data 9 3 Years warranty The SWS-050 is optimised for use in applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required. The forward scatter measurement principle and compact design ensure the output is both accurate and reliable in all weather conditions. The inclusion of hood heating and advanced self-test features as standard makes the SWS-050 Biral's most cost effective solution for visibility measurement. Visibility Measurement The measurement of visibility by forward scatter as used by the SWS-050 is now widely accepted and seen as having significant advantages over more traditional techniques such as the use of transmissometers or backscatter sensors. Backscatter sensors share the SWS-050's advantage of being compact however the backscatter signal is strongly dependent on the type of obstruction to vision resulting in poor accuracy and limited upper range. Transmissometers were once considered the standard method for visibility measurement due to their direct measurement of visibility however, their limited measurement range, high cost of acquisition, large size and significant maintenance costs have resulted in their use being limited to a few specialist applications. The SWS-050 by contrast is compact, requires little maintenance and has a visibility range of 10m to 40km, whilst its measurement performance is proven to be comparable to that of a transmissometer. The calibration of the SWS sensor family was undertaken in accordance with the recommendations of ICAO 9328 and is traceable to a national weather service transmissometer. The standard data message reports both averaged Meteorological Optical Range (MOR) with a fixed measurement

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range of 10m to 40km, and atmospheric Extinction Coefficient (EXCO). The features, accuracy and resolution of the SWS-050 ensure it complies with ICAO and WMO specifications for aviation use including use in instrumented Runway Visual Range (RVR) systems. aviation applications where RVR information is required. The ALS-2 Ambient Light Sensor data is appended to the standard sensor data message simplifying both the installation and data processing. Maintenance and Cost of Ownership To keep track of the operational status of the sensor, abbreviated self-test information is included in every...

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Sensor Configuration Information For a detailed explanation of the configuration options please refer to the table below. SWS-050 Sensor Housing: 05 - Powder paint coated aluminium (standard) 05A - Hard coat anodized, powder coated Hood Heating: HV - With heating Data Output: J - Standard outputs Self-Test and Monitoring: A - Advanced self-test and monitoring Ambient Light Sensor Interface (ALS-2): NA - Without ALS-2 Interface WA - With ALS-2 Interface Configuration: iRC - Regular configuration SC - Special configuration © Biral - Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd. 2019 For more...

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Visibility Measurement Certification & Compliance_ CE Certified EMC compliance with EN61326-1997, 1998, 2001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Power Requirements Output rate (seconds) Sensor Power Self-test capability Additional Features Included with Sensor_ The sensor is delivered in sturdy recyclable foam filled packaging with: - Pole mounting kit (2 x U-bolt) - User manual and calibration certificates Accessories - Optional Hood heaters Operating temperature © Biral - Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd. 2019 For more information, visit www.biral.com or contact us at enquiries@biral.com

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