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BERINGER - Quality and Performance since 1985 Gilbert Béringer created BERINGER Company helped by his wife Véronique. He has been manufacturing wheels, forks and side cars for motorbikes and then brakes, in the same spirit of quality and performance for 30 years. BERINGER braking products for motorbikes and cars have been accepted by the wellknown racing teams for their exceptional reliability, allowing BERINGER to be used by many teams in the World Endurance Championships with many World Champion titles. This was all made possible by a team of exceptional mechanical engineers who have...

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BERINGER AERO Team Gilbert Béringer Owner - R&D Marie Cruveillé Véronique Béringer Owner - Marketing Carla Panetta Workshop Manager Business Manager BERINGER AERO USA Christine Rochas Yann Merle Marie Tartarat Accounting Officer Claire Béringer Owner - General Manager Frédéric Salle Lukas Stutzer Lead Engineer Brice Barone Quality and Certification Manager Senior Purchaser / Quality Julie Chaix Viviane Michaud Sales Assistant Yohann Tourres Workshop Technician Sales Assistant Dillon Chavlin Workshop Technician BERINGER AERO USA All prices are quoted in USD without tax - Prices and...

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BERINGER respects our planet BERINGER AERO’s commitment to sustainable development Respect for the Environment  At BERINGER, toxic substances and non recyclable materials are eliminated from the fabrication process  Workshop trash is sorted prior to disposal.  An environmental awareness campaign is in force and consistently reviewed. Reduction of Energy Consumption  Our specially-designed bioclimatic building (BBC) made of local wood only consumes only 10% of the energy required to heat or cool a conventional steel building.  98% of the energy used to heat our water is solar-powered ...

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INDEX Page BERINGER Company - History - Sustainable development2-3 FAQ 6 HOW TO CHOOSE the correct wheels, tires and brakes ? 8-9 CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU NEED ? LET US HELP Technical or sales support: Carla Panetta Phone 864-214-4274 Fax 864-326-4071 us.sales@beringer-aero-usa.com www.beringer-aero.com Mailing address : BERINGER AERO USA Inc. 400 Birnie Street - Suite E - Greenville, SC 29611 WARNING: the mounting and the maintenance of the wheels and brakes must be done by an authorized BERINGER SERVICE CENTER (and by a certified Part 145 workshop for certified aircraft). BERINGER...

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FAQs ? How can I order BERINGER parts You can order through the BERINGER network as listed from the website. Call us or send an e-mail at contact@beringer-aero.com at any time and we will return some ideas. ? I have a technical question. Who can help? Our Service Centers are able to answer many technical questions, but for a precise technical or engineering question, please contact BERINGER directly. ? Why are most BERINGER wheels made for tubeless tires? Tubeless has many advantages compared to tube type:  safer (less risk of puncture)  weight saving (a tube weights around 1 to 2 lbs) ...

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BRAKE FLUID : information Brake fluid is critical to the function and performance of your brake system. Choosing the right brake fluid will insure trouble free functioning for many years. Conversely, the wrong brake fluid will damage seals and cause failure of your brake system. There are two predominant “families” of brake fluid in use worldwide: A. The first family is polyethylene-glycol based and is compatible with only EPDM seals. ' ' ' ■ ' I These fluids have been developed for the hydraulic brakes of motor vehicles and are called DOT3, DOT4, DOT5 or DOT5.1 DOT3 has lower...

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BERINGER Wheels & Brakes BERINGER WHEELS and BRAKES for main gear are designed to provide the best stopping power and the reliability you are expecting from a safe braking system. We will help you to choose the dimension and brake torque adapted to your aircraft. We have a large range of assemblies: wheel / brake caliper / brake pad / brake disc. We also design and manufacture the optimal upstream components: reservoirs, master cylinders, the ALIR anti-skid system, and parking brakes. All these are tied together with top-quality braided stainless steel Teflon lines and proper fittings....

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BERINGER Wheels & Brakes Brakes discs :   Stainless steel disc or high strength steel disc with coating Brake discs are made of highest quality material for thermal stability and long life Many tests are done to certify brake calipers and discs. One of those tests is the dynamic torque test; for this test we use our dynamometer. The kinetic energy capacity is tested with this machine. The dyno allows us to push the brake system to its limits. Many sensors are installed to measure temperatures. All these tests are performed to ensure the total safety and reliability of the brake system....

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Wheels & Brakes - Complete kits Installing BERINGER wheels and brakes on your Aircraft increases a lot the performance and improves your safety.  Weight saving and no risk of cracking >> the wheels and calipers are fully CNC machined from aeronautical aluminum alloy. This manufacturing process gives 2 to 3 times more strenght than cast wheels and prevents any risk of cracking. You save 6.60 Lbs to 11 Lbs (3 to 5kg) depending on your original brake system  Rolling distance dramatically reduced >> increased safety level - landing on most airfields  High efficiency combined with easy...

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Copilot brakes Wheels & Brakes - Complete kits We also propose retrofit tailwheel kits to fit original mounting. The tailwheel kit includes: • A tubeless tailwheel with the tire (mounted on rim, pressure tested) • An aluminum axle with bearing spacer The composition of the kits may vary depending on the Aircraft Type. OPTION: Copilot brakes - Parking brake valve - Wheel caps - Amphibian use - Skis mounting Depending on the aircraft, you will find in the table of the complete sets that is following next page, the option available. In most cases, the option is not included in the wheel and...

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