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Digital Audio Management Unit DZUS Overview The Becker Avionics AMU6500 is a standalone digital audio management unit, which was designed for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. A modular and decentralized system design philosophy has been implemented to allow a maximum of flexibility and scalability with up to three units and nine stereo users during the system integration, and to ensure optimum performance and reliability during in-flight operations. The AMU6500 is the first state-of-the-art audio management unit using a display to enable various new functionalities with an enhanced user experience. It is an interactive approach to modern cockpit designs offering a big range of individual configurations. The crystal clear communication is based on a 20‑year experience in digital audio systems and the individually programmable soft keys and functions can be tailored to the mission and aircraft configuration. By combining the display and system architecture, the AMU6500 increases the possibilities of intercom and multicast functions. New functionalities like 3D audio improve the flight awareness significantly. The AMU6500 has been certified according: ETSO‑C139a, ETSO‑C59b, DO‑214A, DO178C Level C, DO‑254 Level C and DO‑160G. Optional the AMU6500 has selective call capability (SelCal). Features • 4 transceiver in-/outputs • Bluetooth® (stereo) • Music, phone calls, tactical radio, etc. • 4 receiver inputs • 3 FIX inputs • 12 transceiver in a system with three AMUs • 3 stereo headset user • 3D audio • Cockpit speaker • Cockpit voice recorder • ComReplay - internally stored messages for briefing or alert • Simulcast, marker mute, VOX sensitivity and many more • Emergency functionality • SelCal decoder (certified) • Winchman operation • Less weight LIGHT&SPORT AVIATION

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LIGHT&SPORT AVIATION BUSINESS&COMMERCIAL AVIATION SPECIAL MISSIONS Technical Data AMU6500 - with rotary wing panel Nominal voltage Emergency voltage Nominal current consumption (one AMU) at 28 V Audio input for transceivers, receivers, alerts Headphone amplifier Rated output power max. Output impedance Rated load Output type Mike amplifier AGC starting point (if AGC on) Input impedance (AC) Type Excitation voltage (w/o microphone) Speaker amplifier Display / illumination Service interface (USB) Forced cooling Altitude Operating temperature Storage temperature Dimensions HxWxD Weight...

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