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Overview The 6200 series VHF transceivers from Becker Avionics are a family of high-quality aircraft radios. The 6200 series is optimized by their functionalities, state of the art technology, the compact dimensions and the low weight for many different aircraft categories in the general aviation community. Market leader for their reliability, the products follow the highest manufacturing and testing standards in the Light&Sport Aviation segment. The panel mount models are equipped with sunlight readable LCD displays. All variants provide high performance transmitters with either 6 or 10 W power output, continuous power supply from 10.25 to 33 VDC, 8.33 / 25 kHz channel spacing, sensitive receiver, VOX intercom and many other features. The 6200 series radio family supports 4‑place, VOX‑controlled intercom, separated PTT keys, tandem capable connection with the panel-mount remote controller (RCU) for dual-panel operation. The VHF transceivers also contain a channel memory function for automatically/manually frequency storage. The last 9 used frequencies are stored automatically. • AR6201/AR6211: 2 ¼ format, easy installation in cockpit panels using only 4 screws. • RT6201/RT6211: Remote controlled variant, controlled with: • RCU6201/RCU6211 remote control unit (2 ¼ inch format). The RT6201/RT6211 can be installed with the dedicated mounting close to the antenna. • AR6203AR6213: 160 mm width for panel installation with the dedicated mounting. Features • Compact and lightweight • Sunlight readable display • Dual watch function (“SCAN Mode” for monitoring a second frequency). • Robust and maintenance-free design • VOX-controlled intercom • 2 separate intercom circuits • Market-leading durability • Separate PTT for pilot and co-pilot • Audio auxiliary input • Tandem operation • RF signal indicator in the display • EASA certified • TSO & FCC approved for 25 kHz variants

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SPECIAL MISSIONS BUSINESS&COMMERCIAL AVIATION LIGHT&SPORT AVIATION Number of channels Squelch 760 (25 kHz mode) 2280 (8.33 kHz mode) Trigger level is adjustable Storage temperature Operating temperature Maximum altitude Audio output Audio auxilary input Headphone: ≥ 300 mW @ 150 Ω ≥ 100 mW @ 600 Ω 1...8 V (adjustable) into 600 Ω AR6201/AR6211: 675 g (1.488 lbs) AR6203/AR6213: 800 g ( 1.763 lbs) RT6201/RT6211: 600 g (1.32 lbs) RCU6201/RCU6211: 200 g (0.44 lbs) ETSO-2C37e and 2C38e/TSO-C169a RTCA DO-178B Level D EASA 21O.1249 TSO, FCC approved Variants 620X: Level D Variants 621X: Level C...

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