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WHO WE ARE BeAM, an AddUp Company, is a pioneer in designing and BeAM works closely with customers to develop and industrialize new methods of manufacturing parts using DED to eliminate many challenges faced with traditional manufacturing,

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DIRECTED ENERGY DEPOSITION (DED) DED, also known as LMD, is an Additive Manufacturing process where focused thermal energy is used to fuse materials by melting them as they are deposited, BeAM's process involves converging metallic powderthrough our nozzle to the focal point ofthe laser, creating a melt-pool laid down in a 5-axis configuration, This allows continuous freedom to build/repair components layer by layer withoutthe need for support structures, Utilizing traditional numerical controls and using ISO G-code gives our customers tools that their skilled workforce is already...

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DED APPLICATIONS Reduce material waste on small and large parts Complex geometries Print less, machine less

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STVEMTTERITLAOOREOUCEBUY-TO-FLYRTTIO FROM 9:lTO 2:1 • Better repeatability than with manual welding processes • Work under controlled atmosphere to ensure mah material quality & safety • Reduce machining cost - Easily fits in the manufacturing chain AEROSPACE FLANGE

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Our range of industrial coaxial deposition nozzles offer precise, different deposition width powered by high quality fiber laser sources of 500 Wto 2 kW anaa dual gas flow.

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INDUSTRIAL | PRODUCTION READY | HIGH PERFORMANCE 5-Axis machines with Siemens 840D control 1 Operated by|SO GCode Controlled atmosphere | BeAM Nozzles | Touch Probe1 Me|t-p°o1 Monitoring

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R&D - SMALL PARTS I COMPACT I ECONOMICAL Build volume: 400 x250x300mm 500Wfiber laser 10Vx deposition head Powderfeeder with up to 2 hoppers of 1.5L

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MODULO 400 VERSATILE | PORTABLE | UPGRADABLE Build volume: 650 x400 x400mm 500Wto 2kW fiber laser l0Vx/24Vx deposition heads Powderfeeder with up to 5 hoppers of1.5L

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FLAGSHIP | LARGE CAPACITY | ADAPTABLE Build volume: 1200 x 800 x800mm 500Wto 2kWfiber laser 10Vx/24Vx deposition heads Powderfeeder with up to 5 hoppers of 1.5L

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AACHEN CENTER FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING SOME CUSTOMERS RUDN university OPEN INNOVATION We collaborate with R&D centres and universities to maintain ourtechnological lead, We also offer knowledge transferto partners that wish to become regional DED experts, With the support of Grand l-st ALSACE CH AMPACNE-AROENNE LORRAINE

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