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PROCESS UNICORE TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR SECURITY An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affectingthe rope’s suppleness. Even in the hardest conditions of use sheath slippage is suppressed. If the sheath is cut or torn, core and sheath remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge, a frequent occurrence in work at height and in rescues, it slides and gathers over some metres. It then becomes impossible to pass this zone, either to ascend or to descend. If the problem occurs near to the end of the rope the sheath may slide off...

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ROPES BEAL LIFETIME DURABILITY OF ROPES The durability of a rope depends above all on the way it is used, but also on numerous technical factors: The quality of yarn used ; the compactness of the rope ; its suppleness ; the braiding of the filaments of the sheath ; their twist ; their number ; the number of braids… One other factor plays a particularly important role: the thickness of the sheath. You can check the quantity of sheath in BEAL ropes thanks to the percentage shown at the side of this pictogram. LIFETIME OF BEAL METALLIC PPE The lifetime of metal PPE is not limited. ATTENTION :...

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UNIQUE NUMBER All BEAL PPE is marked with a unique number which, in addition to providing the year of manufacture, ensures traceability of the product. BEAL COLOR CODE BEAL slings, pre-cut ropes and lanyards are either embroidered or have a line of stitching which -dependant on the colour useddepicts the year of manufacture of the product. TRACEABILITY, IDENTIFICATION, PERSONALISATION Harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, ropes with sewn terminations are supplied with a TIP label (traceability, identification and personalisation). TIP allows you to identify an item by writing your name and...

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NEAR FIELD CONNECTION NFC is a new standard in RFID chips, ultra compact and flat, compatible with most new generation Smartphones. By bringing your phone close to the NFC chip, information relating to the item of PPE can be accessed directly and wirelessly without the need for specific software, similar to wireless payments which are already becoming commonplace. All PPE equipped with a TIP label can accommodate a NFC chip to allow kit management via smartphone. The rear of the waist belt contains an area to allow personal marking such as your company’s name, as well as a QR code which...

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ROPES FOR DIFFICULT AREA ACCESS Thanks to the UNICORE Process, Access ropes reach a new level in security. In effect, the UNICORE Process integral to this 10.5 mm rope will secure most delicate operations, whilst retaining lightness and flexibility. C€ EN 1891 - idN OPTION Sewn terminations ACCESS 11 mmUNICORE With UNICORE as standard, bonding core and sheath for maximum security in all situations. ANTIPODES 10,5 mm Very tough, this is the established standard rope for work at height. Same construction as the INDUSTRIE 10.5 mm. ANTIPODES 1 1,5 mm Great abrasion resistance for the most...

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This rope is specially adapted to the requirements of work at height companies. Type OPTION Sewn terminations ROPES Strength with sewn terminations li INDUSTRIE 11 mm An ideal rope with no diameter restrictions for security in work at height. « EN 1891 - idN Ref. white with sewn termination: INDUSTRIE 12 mm An ideal work at height rope when a large rope diameter is required for greater security. Performances CONTRACT 10,5 mm Type A rope with the optimum balance quality/ price. f: -ggr

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Rope for work at height with the optimum quality price ratio. TOP WORK 1 0,5 mm Specially developed in collaboration with one of the principal oil companies for use in difficult conditions on oil rigs. Great handling and maximum durability. 1 i ^—« EN 1891 - IdN rSewn terminations NORTH SEA 11 mm Dynamic ropes cushion impacts and must be used during certain procedures to absorb the energy of possible falls.

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DYNASTAT 10,5 mm Security rope which conforms to 2 standards, both the semi-static and the dynamic rope standards. ^-CC EN 892 + EN 1891 -idN OPTION •X\\v»Xvlv» Sewn terminations CAREFUL : a slippage between core/sheath can happened when it is used with a descender FLOATING ROPE ////// PRO WATER 11 mm UNICORE Floating type A semi-static rope for work at height above water (off-shore wind farms, oil rigs). DYNAMICS ROPES ////// TOP GUN II 10,5 mm UNICORE Dynamic ropes cushion impacts and must be used during certain procedures to absorb the energy of possible falls. APOLLO II 11 mm Dynamic...

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RESCUE ROPES Semi-static type A rope with a polyester sheath. Its fluorescent orange colour make it particularly suited for use in rescues. RESCUE HALF INCH 13 mm Rope for rescue teams using American methods.

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ROPES RESISTANT TO HIGH TEMPERATURES EFFECT OF HIGH TEMPERATURES ON ARAMID The resistance of Aramid to high temperatures is best illustrated by the graph illustrating the residual strength after exposure to raised temperatures. Thus we may for example see that after 10 hours of exposure at 200° C it retains 100 % of its strength, or that after 1 hour at 350° C it retains 90 % of its strength. Semi-static rope holding a mass of 100 kg exposed to a temperature of 400° C (+ or- 50° C) for 15 minutes. Results: • Classic 11 mm rope: Break after around 40 seconds. • RAIDER 11 mm rope: Residual...

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ROPES RESISTANT TO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF ARAMID YARN (exposure for 100 hours) ACIDS Residual Tenacity in %age BASES Residual Tenacity in %age Other Chemical Products Residual Tenacity in %age Methyl Ethyl Cetone 97 % HOTLINE 11 mm Semi-static rope with an interior sheath in Aramid, covered by a classic sheath. HOTLINE rope allows access in the presence of certain dangerous chemicals. OPTION Sewn terminations RAIDER 11 mm Semi-static Type B rope with an Aramid sheath capable of withstanding a long period close to a major source of heat.

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LIGHTWEIGHT ROPES Semi-Static type B rope, ultra light, but necessitating great rare during use. white: bcs09.100 (iGGm) / BCS09.200 (200m) The lightest of the type A ropes with a margin of security sufficient for some industrial uses. SPECIAL ROPES Specially developed to meet the requirements of Australian standard AS4143.3, this very low stretch rope has a sheath in polyester and is constructed like the American ropes. STRONG POINTS • Reduction in shrinkage (polyester). • Better heat resistance (Melting point of polyester 260° C). • Better abrasion resistance due to a thick sheath....

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