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Ultra EFIS 9 instruments in 1 3 1. Altimeter 2. Airspeed Indicator 3. Artificial Horizon 4. Directional Gyro / Horizontal Situation Indicator 5. Side slip Indicator 6. Vertical Speed Indicator 7. Automatic Direction Finder with GPS 8. G-meter 9. Magnetic compass Save space,weight and money. Only 95 x 95 mm Only 230 g

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Ultra EFIS - 2

Ultra EFIS Compass mode: Heading HDG or COG indicator (BUG) Vertical speed Current position Side slip Vertical indicator speed Trajectory Altimeter Kollsman vector (hPa or inHg) Ground speed The preloaded Jeppesen database (Airports, VOR, NDB) provides a backup for navigation. Available areas: Europe-Africa, North America, South America, Asia-Australia. Designed for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft .9 87 Ultra light: only 230 g Ultra compact: only 95 x 95 x 67 mm Ultra bright: 3.5” LCD display, 500 cd/m2 brightness 77.5 mm (3.05”) Pitot Port 1/8” NPT GPS Port Power 10/35...

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