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The Engine Monitoring System for ROTAX engines 40 Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) / Coolant Temperature (CT) Manifold Pressure (MAP) Hobbs meter The EngiBOX System: engine management & control 1. Monitor your engine real-time during the flight and store engine data with EngiBOX. 2. Get Instant Support Service from your Rotax Service Center, through the free EngiBOX App. Thanks to the EngiBOX Portal, you can manage your engine at home, view your flights and the recorded engine performance. 4. You can share your engine data with your Rotax Service Center anytime you need maintenance or help. The EngiBOX web portal store • Safelyaccount.your engine data: always available on your EngiBOX Portal • Always in control: check your engine performance from anywhere / any platform. • Get better diagnosis and support: share your data with your Rotax Service Center for a full analysis. Register your account at: engibox.avmap.it

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Data Values View: trends, warning and alarm limits. Time sinre overhaul 323h'45” Total lifetime 602h:23" EngiBOX Software Features • EngiBOX measures and displays engine parameters. • Warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the engine limits. • Update rate of five times per second. • Data are recorded and stored in the internal memory (up to 160h). • Data export to Micro SD or EngiBOX Mobile App. • Download the free EngiBOX Mobile App to get Instant Support Service. Graphs: available for performance analysis on each engine parameter Clock Page: flight time, time since the last...

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