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TWX670 T actical Weather Detection System The TWX670 brings a whole new level of weather avoidance technology to the general aviation flight deck. EX5000 MFD with Cell/Strike Mode. The TWX670 T actical Weather Detection System Avidyne’s new TWX670 is a third-generation lightning-based weather detection system that provides a simple and intuitive color-contoured display with an instantaneous picture of surrounding weather. Great Accuracy Means Truly T actical Weather Detection The TWX670 is the first and only lightning-based, real time, tactical, color weather avoidance solution. It accurately detects and clearly displays electrical discharges–the primary indicator of thunderstorms–in real time, regardless of aircraft maneuvering. With its significantly-improved accuracy over previous-generation lightning detection systems, the TWX670 provides true tactical weather avoidance in the critical 0 – 25nm range, making it a perfect complement to the strategic benefits of satellite-based datalink weather. EX600 MFD with TwxCell Mode. Completing the Picture Lightning is one of the first physical properties of a storm cell that can be detected, and unlike precipitation, lightning is the best determinant of dangerous thunderstorm activity. Storm cells and their intensities are displayed in color contours eliminating the guess-work associated with interpreting legacy weather displays. Providing a color-contoured map of a thunderstorm’s electrical activity over time, the TWX670 easily allows the pilot to determine the areas of greatest intensity, and clearly identify areas with potential for convective wind shear, turbulence, microbursts, hail and icing. The TWX670’s advanced signal processing, calibration, and noise immunity minimizes radial spread and allows for the display of closerange strikes from 0nm-25nm for true Tactical Weather Detection. (Displays sold se

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Truly T actical Weather TWxCell Mode™ Product Features With the TWX670’s color-contoured TWxCell Mode, each cell grid is displayed as a hexagonal array of cell weights (colors). Color-filled hexagons highlight the most intense regions of thunderstorm activity, presenting a visually contoured color display with dynamic sectors. TWxCell Mode permits the pilot to quickly identify the most intense regions of thunderstorm activity. • Close-range lightning detection (0nm-25nm and up to 200nm) • Geo-stabilized lightning • Audible callouts • High degree of noise immunity • Clear and Restore...

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