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IFD-Series - 1

IFD-SekiesTouch-Screen Navigators As the heart of yourADS-B system, Avidyne's IFD Series features the most intuitive Flight Management System in an easy-to-use, yet powerful design.

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IFD-Series - 2

Where innovation meets simplicity Direct Replacements Avidyne’s IFD Series of touch screen navigators represent the next generation in flight management systems. Each provides SBAS/LPV precision navigation and are designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B as part of the NextGen airspace initiative. As direct replacements for legacy systems, the IFDs each share the same basic functionality in large and compact display formats respectively. The IFDs are direct replacements for popular Garmin GNS Series Navigators. In most cases, the IFDs can utilize the existing tray...

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IFD-Series - 3

Built on a dual databus architecture, the IFD Navigators are key components in Avidyne's panel-mounted avionics suite, which also includes the AMX240 V KBNG Audio Panel, AXP340 ADS-B Mode S Transponder, and DFC90 Digital Autopilot. Wx Overlay l IFD540 shown with Synthetic Vision in "exocentric" view. See page 8 for more information on Synthetic Vision.

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IFD-Series - 4

Get where you need to go. That's why we fly. Avidyne wants you to keep your head up when flying with your family and loved ones. That's the reason Avidyne designed their FMS to be as user-friendly as possible. Go where you need to go in two clicks or less. GPS pu8H8<mo Hanscom fwr I. Preview - Approach Crs043° pusmobs k i / [ ifjlft Waypoint -- yn mm Hold at EN hlc, W^^assass KLCI< 1-000 FT^ /, ILS 7 KS M /, Enter \ ^ Enter RN [ FPL A INFO ROITE WPT NRST Actual size. Extensive testing and customer experience have proven that the IFD user interface reduces button pushes and...

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IFD-Series - 5

Working Well Together The IFDs, when paired in any combination, leverage Avidyne’s ne’s Byteflight databus architecture for cross-communication. on. A Keyboard Convenience feature allows for data entry on a n familiar QWERTY keyboard that automatically appears when an alphahanumeric data field is highlighted, making data entry as familiar to r you as your computer or smart phone. In dual installations, the dual-databus architecture allows pilots lots to enter the flightplan on the QWERTY keyboard of one unit, while hile viewing the Map on the other. GeoFill™ intelligently predicts the next...

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IFD-Series - 6

Communications & Enhancements Managing Radios Managing your radios is easy with the IFD550, 540, and 440. Frequencies can easily be entered either by rotating the dual knobs on the left, or by using the touch-screen numeric keypad. COM frequencies can also be tuned directly by touching the displayed frequencies on Info, Nearest, and Frequency List pages. You can also simultaneously tune both the active and standby frequencies, both of which can be easily monitored when coupled with Avidyne’s AMX240 Audio Panel. The IFD’s powerful FMS automatically nominates, auto-tunes, identifies, and...

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IFD-Series - 7

Easy Radio Tuning Touching any frequency in the Info list, Freq page, or Nearest page automatically transfers it into the Standby window. Terrain Awareness & FLTA All IFD systems offer Terrain Awareness capability which can be displayed over the color-contoured terrain base map for easy pilot recognition of an imminent encounter with nearby terrain. For an even greater measure of safety, Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) actively projects the aircraft’s flight track in time to determine whether a collision with terrain or obstacles is imminent. Caution Alerts are provided when a...

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IFD-Series - 8

FREQ ENTR CLR' IFD540 shown above in actual size features "exocentric" (in-trail) synthetic vision. Avidyne's Got You Covered All IFDs are equipped with Avidyne's beautiful Synthetic Vision (SVS) for improved situational awareness. SVS is fully integrated and requires no additional boxes or wires. 3D Terrain - Terrain Awareness (SVS-TA) is provided via terrain coloration, providing visual Caution-Warning Alerting System (CAS) alerts and aural alerts terrain hazard awareness and alerting. FLTA- Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) alerting provides an extra measure of safety by displaying...

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IFD-Series - 9

The Premier Navigator Avidyne’s IFD550 is a state-of-the-art, hybrid touch-screen Flight Management System with Synthetic Vision, designed for virtually any aircraft. IFD550 shown above in actual size features “egocentric” (out-the-window) synthetic vision. Actual size. The Premium IFD: IFD550 With the new top-of-the line IFD550, Avidyne combines the latest in touchscreen, WAAS/SBAS GPS/VHF navigation and communication along with stunning 3D synthetic vision technology to deliver the most powerful and capable touchscreen, panel-mounted navigator ever made. The IFD550 has all the features...

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IFD-Series - 10

The IFDs are the only GPS Navigators in GA offering both built-in Bluetooth® and Wifi. With that, all IFDs offer a Wifi connection to Apple iPads with the Avidyne IFD100 iPad app. This app does not just mirror the functions of your IFD, but acts as an additional instance of an IFD, where you can edit your flight plan, monitor your map for ADS-B weather & traffic (with the Avidyne SkyTrax100 ADS-B In solution), and view pages independently. Even if you have the smaller-glass IFD4-Series, your IFD100 display will provide big glass capabilities at a fraction of the cost. The IFD100 can also be...

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IFD-Series - 11

Avidyne's IFD100 tablet application gives pilots a full display and complete wireless remote control of their panel-mounted IFD System. The Avidyne MK10 wireless keyboard provides a convenient way for pilots to remotely control their IFD System. Open wireless connectivity to flight planning & mapping applications such as ForeFlighf Mobile & FlightPlan Go®

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IFD-Series - 12

Satellite Datalink Weather Interface • Avidyne MLB700/WSI AV-300 Broadcast Datalink Receiver (future release) • GDL69/A XM Broadcast Datalink using Baron Wx Services and XM® Satellite Receiver Display • 5.7” Diagonal w/Touch Screen • Full VGA - 640 x 480 pixels • 65,535 colors • Ultrabright sunlight readable w/LED Backlighting Dimensions • Width: 6.30” (16.0cm) • Height: 4.60“ (11.7cm) • Depth: 11.00“ (27.5cm) behind panel including connectors Electronic Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams • CMax™ – Jeppesen Electronic Airway Manual Charts (IFD540 only) • European VFR (Bottlang) Charts...

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