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EX600 - 1

Avidyne Avidyne’s EX600 delivers easy-to-use, datalink-ready multifunction display capability for general aviation airplanes & helicopters. The Avidyne Advantage Avidyne is committed to improving situational awareness and safety for general aviation pilots by focusing on developing products that are easier to use. Now, with our new EX600 Multi-Function Display (MFD), Avidyne offers the most feature-rich, pilot-friendly and easiest-to-use multifunction display available. The EX600’s user interface dramatically improves your ability to access and display critical flight data. This design philosophy keeps operation simple and consistent by allowing you to select and display what you need on a single easy-to interpret integrated moving map. As a radar display replacement, the EX600 provides easy access to radar modes, tilt control, and bearing adjust. With the EX600’s “map-centric” operation and our new Map Panning feature, you can display a moving map of your flight plan and view datalink weather all along your route of flight. And view on-board Wx Radar. And special-use airspace. And traffic. And terrain. And color lightning. All without ever leaving the map page. It’s the only MFD available that provides the complete picture. And it’s the easiest to use.

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EX600 - 2

BaseMap TERRAIN Nrst|DI_|Aux| Page-@~Range Actual Size The Best MFD Available The EX600 keeps you connected with the complete weather picture, allowing you to view datalink graphical weather information that is seamlessly integrated with your flight plan moving map, lightning, traffic, and terrain display. BiggEr, BrigHTEr Display The EX600 features an all-new, high-resolution, sunlight-readable LED-backlit color liquid-crystal display that provides the brightest, most versatile big-screen display available. With over 40% more pixels than our previous-generation MFD, and an incredibly wide...

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EX600 - 3

A World of Weather at Your Fingertips. Radar, Datalink Weather & More Weather is a critical factor in the successful completion of any flight and Avidyne leads the industry in weather avoidancecapable multifunction displays. In addition to interfacing with 20 different on-board weather radar systems, the EX600 also displays color lightning and both broadcast and two-way satellite datalink weather. Broadcast Satellite Datalink Weather for CONUS Avidyne’s MLB700 Broadcast Datalink Receiver gives pilots comprehensive, graphical information about weather conditions all across the Continental...

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EX600 - 4

Map Panning With the EX600, Avidyne has added an easy-to-use panning function that allows you to scroll to virtually any point on the map to view weather, airspace, and other points of interest. Dedicated panning keys make it easy to view any area on the map, especially helpful for viewing weather at your destination. The four directional keys provide precise control, and the center key enables Avidyne’s exclusive QuickPan™ feature, which toggles the display between the panned position and your present position. While panning, the map can be zoomed in or out so you can easily see the...

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EX600 - 5

Make your flying simpler and safer. Whatever you fly. Wherever you fly. Replaces Your Old Radar Indicator Enhances Helicopter Mission Capability The EX600 is designed to replace existing CRT-based radar indicators for any of 20 different radar systems. Dedicated Range, Bearing and Tilt controls and exclusive features like BeamView™ and TiltView™ make it much easier to use than competing radar-capable displays. Helicopter operators will appreciate the versatility of the EX600’s detailed moving maps and the ability to display Traffic, TAWS, Charts, and Datalink Weather. (EGPWS/TAWS shown)...

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EX600 - 6

Applicable TSO • TSO C63c Airborne Weather Radar • TSO C110a Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection • TSO C113 Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display • TSO C118 Traffic Alert & Weight • 4.75 lbs (2.15 kg) • Fixed wing Tray - 0.9 lbs (0.41 kg) • Helicopter Tray - 4.1 lbs (1.86 kg) Power Requirements • Max 3.0A @ 28VDC Collision Avoidance (TCAS) Environmental • TSO C147 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) • do 160E System - Broadcast (FIS-B) LCD Viewable Size • 640x480 pixels (full VGA) • Diagonal: 5.7” (145mm) • Width: 4.61” (117mm) • Height: 3.48” (88mm) EX600 size (no tray) • Width:...

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