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DFC90 Attitude-Based Digital Autopilot for Entegra- & Aspen-equipped Aircraft Avidyne’s DFC90 Attitude-Based Digital Autopilot enhances Precision DFC90 Digital Retrofit Autopilot The DFC90 is Avidyne’s new digital autopilot system that is designed as a retrofit upgrade for general aviation aircraft. With the DFC90, pilots can add the precision of an attitude-based flight control system, along with the innovative, safety-enhancing features of Straight & Level (S&L), Envelope Protection (EP) and full-time Envelope Alerting (EA). The DFC90 has all the standard vertical and lateral modes of operation of a turbine-class autopilot system, including Flight Director (FD), Altitude Hold (ALT), Airspeed Hold (IAS), Vertical Speed Hold (VS), Heading (HDG), and Navigation (NAV, APPR, LOC/GS, GPSS), and it’s easy to use. Versatile Display Options The attitude-based DFC90 autopilot flies the aircraft using reference signals from the integrated Attitude/Heading Reference System (AHRS) in an Avidyne Entegra EXP5000 Primary Flight Display (PFD) or from an Aspen Avionics Evolution Pro PFD. This display versatility allows the DFC90 to be installed in a growing number of general aviation aircraft, and provides a new level of Precision and Safety for general aviation pilots. of Flight & Improves Safety for a growing list of aircra

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DFC90 - 2

Provides Turbine-class Autopilot Capability with Avidyne’s Legendary Ease of Use. Actual Size Mode Annunciations in Color Armed modes are displayed in Cyan (blue) while Engaged modes are clearly displayed in Green on both the DFC90 and on the PFD, which eliminates much of the modes confusion associated with legacy autopilots. Improved Flight Director Performance DFC90 provides vastly-improved Flight Director performance which greatly enhances your ability to hand-fly approaches, due to better algorithms, the digital ADAHRS, and elimination of the latency associated with the rate-based and...

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DFC90 - 3

Improves Performance & Safety Straight & Level The DFC90’s Straight & Level (S&L) button provides unusual attitude recovery, and can act as a last-ditch effort to get the aircraft under control in the event the pilot becomes confused or disoriented. S&L is a significant safety enhancement that also provides additional peace of mind for your non-pilot passengers. The DFC90 was initially certified as a replacement for the STEC55X in Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20 & SR22 aircraft. Envelope Protection (EP) & full-time Envelope Alerting (EA) Envelope Protection (EP) is an innovative new autopilot...

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DFC90 - 4

“The DFC90 is a joy to fly. Rock-solid performance. My plane flies approaches as if it were on rails. I couldn’t be happier.” - Rick R. - Cirrus Owner Specifications Dimensions • Width: 6.25" (159mm) • Height: 1.5" (38mm) • Depth: 10.6" (279mm) Weight • 2.02 lbs (0.92 kg) The DFC90 is designed as a slide-in replacement for the STEC 55X, and as a retrofit for a growing list of autopilot systems. TSOs • TSO-C9c Automatic Pilots • TSO-C52b Flight Director Equipment Depending on aircraft and configuration, some additional wiring may be required, but overall, the DFC90’s plug-and-play capability...

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