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"There's an infinite number of the possibilities of using our gyroplanes. These machines are light, fast, reaching places inaccessible to cars or human feet." - Artur Trendak

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Gyroplanes do not stall When flying airplane and descending airspeed at a specific moment stall occurs which results in rapid loss of lift force. It is possible to regain airspeed and lift by moving the joystick forward and initiate dive of an airplane but only if enough altitude is provided. Otherwise, in low altitude flight, it ends up with catastrophe. Gyroplane, unlike the airplane, cannot stall in a classic manner. Its "wings”- the rotor blades rotate with 350-400 rpm and when speed is reduced below minimal the rotor will remain spinning which results in slow and calm altitude descend....

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To this day, hundreds of gyroplanes in different models have left our plant. The engineering team in the research and development department is using latest computer simulation techniques and CAD for continouns improvement of the quality and performnace of our machines. Teamwork is our basic principle. We believe the perfect product can be formed only through cooperation of many specialists in various fields who contribute to the common achievement. AVIATION AT employs its own experts, but also works closely together with other companies, research institutions, external advisors and...

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Expansion map of AAT gyroplanes export Our gyrocopters have won international awards in Microlight Championship World Championship 2016 - 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place European Championship 2017 -1 st place, 2nd place, 3rd place

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Gyroplanes are flexible and lightweight. They are effective in patrolling border lines, farms and national parks. Coast Guard Patrolling Possible gyroplane with floats with an aqueous breeze resistant propeller. Aviation Artur Trendak 10111

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Agro Spraying Easy and quick assembly/disassembly of the AGRO equipment on the gyroplane. Possible fine spray from small to big droplet size. The effectiveness of spraying up to 250 acres/hour flight (for example efficiency spray about 3 l/ha) Compared with ground equipment, spraying is much more efficient:

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Recognition of forest complex threats, providing information on outbreaks of fire.

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Military Patrolling Possibility of carrying skydivers. Gyroplane can be also equipped with observation equipment, measurement equipment, thermal imaging cameras, cameras and other military equipment. Defensive Systems We are able to customize each gyroplane model to different types of weapons. Sniper training Adaptability of the gyroplane for sniper training. Lowers the costs of training up to 50%.

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Police Operations Maintaining public security and order during mass events risks as well as during a special level of government security and celebrations, including VIP visits. Detection of stolen goods, temporary warehouses and other facilities related to the commission of offenses placed in hard to reach areas (mountainous terrain, forest). Detection of crimes related to theft of fuel from pipelines, warehouses and equipment elements of the railway and energy networks. For missing persons corpses, fugitives from the prison, temporaryinmates. Rescue arising from catastrophes and natural...

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Scanning And Mapping The Area (orthophotomaps) Multispectral and hyperspectral survey with scanners and cammeras. Remote Sensing Possibility of installation hypertonic scanner. Photogrammetry Making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. Moreover, it may be used to recover the motion pathways of designated reference points located on any moving object, components and in the immediately adjacent environment. Photogrammetry may employ remote sensing in order to detect, measure and record complex 2-D and 3-D motion fields.

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Nothing can be compared to the emotions that piloting your own craft can give. Freedom and mental relief will accompany you as soon as you take off. The desire to be free from Earth and be able to fly freely has captured human's imaginations for as long as the time remembers. With our machines, now it's easier than ever before. Taking pictures from the sky cannot be replaced with any photomanipulation. Even though many stock photos are taken from drones, a great number of professionals still choose to take pictures form a gyroplane. Aviation Artur Trendak 32133

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Two seater tandem gyrocopter. The design was followed by countless hours of consultancy with mechanics, test pilots, and future users of the machine. New Twistair will be available in three options: naked with the front window only, semi-opened and full body kit with all the cockpit covered. Especially the opened version of this gyro gives exceptional experiences and lets you feel the speed extremely intensely. Performance Minimum speed

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Technical Data Cockpit dimensions * Predicted technical data Aviation Artur Trendak 38 I 39

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Aviation Artur Trendak 40 I 41

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Latest gyroplane in AVIATION AT family. Side by side, two seater. Designed for pilots who appreciate more luxurious interiors and modern design. The aerodynamic shape of machine and latest Rotax engine with fuel injectors helps to get the best performance through all AVIATION Artur Trendakgyroplanes.

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Technical Data Cockpit dimensions Aviation Artur Trendak 44145

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Innovative and technologically advanced 2-seat, side-by-side gyrocopter. Its fully closed, spacious interior beautifully finished with high quality materials and accessories as well as equipped with top level avionics. With its great in-flight handling you will enjoy bird's-eye view thanks to extraordinary visibility from the cabin. Thanks to its excellent performance Tercel has won international awards: World Championship 2016:2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place European Championship 2017:1 st place, 2nd, 3rd place

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Aviation Artur Trendak 48 149

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versatile as a swiss knife

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Multipurpose gyro. It is a bigger brother of TERCEL. It has got three seats in 1 + 2 configuration. You can configure it as you want for your individual purpose. We offer an opened floor so that you can mount a scanner, photo camera or other optical equipment safelyand properly.

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