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FIXED BASE FLIGHT SIMULATORS Productivity in pilot training

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Made with attention to people and machine. Sold with appreciation. Owned and operated with common sense. MISSION Productivity in pilot training ■ Aviatify develops, manufactures, markets, sells and ■ Training solutions combine fidelity, ergonomic and services Fixed Base Flight Training Devices, replicating intelligent design, easy deployment and maintenance generic twin-engine jet aircraft and type specific at low Total Cost of Ownership allowing customers to Airbus A320 family aircraft. maximize Return On Investment. ■ The company offers durable, high-quality simulators ■ Aviatify devices...

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Pleasant, efficient and inspiring ■ Evolution of task- and type-specific pilot training programs is vital in enhancing industry safety to an even higher level. ■ The market, more than ever, dictates cost efficiency as an ■ Aviatify partners have a solid and complimentary match, and consequently joined forces to deliver a high-quality product. ■ It is evident that Pilot Training Devices are critical instruments important driver for success. At a fraction of the cost of a FFS, in business continuity management. Owners, operators and Aviatify FTDs are the platform of choice for creditable and...

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Aviatify simulators are surprisingly comfortable, pleasant People and partners are seasoned in delivering turnkey, functional and intuitive to use and are extremely easy to ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions to the pilot training market. TECH TALK maintain. SALES & SERVICE WITH APPRECIATION PARTNER, RATHER THAN SUPPLIER Aviatify offers solutions, not just products. Throughout, we The Aviatify FTDs are designed to replicate generic twin-engine jet aircraft (no data-pack) or type specific Airbus A320 family aircraft Aviatify has a transparent, professional, no frills company want to comprehend the...

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■ IR, ME ■ JOC, SOP ■ APS MCC ■ A320 TYPE RATING INITIAL TRAINING ■ A320 TYPE RATING RECURRENT TRAINING ■ CFIT PREVENTION ■ UPRT CONTROL LOADING SYSTEM The dual touch screen IOS is highly intuitive and designed to The MCC – FAA level 5 and FTD2 – FAA level 6 are equipped minimize workload for the instructor. Some of the functions with an electrical CLS on the rudders. Optional on FTD 1. ■ MAINTENANCE INSPECTORS INITIAL AND RECURRENT TRAINING ■ FLOPs INSPECTORS INITIAL AND RECURRENT TRAINING allow full control of Aircraft parameters, aircraft Position, Environment, Malfunctions, Flight...

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Built with passion, expertise and great partners. THE FULL STORY We emphasize that building, delivering and qualifying an FTD installed, we understand that productivity counts. Rigid, is only half the work. Flight Simulators are capital intensive well designed and durable components are vital. In addition, and often process-critical devices for ATOs, Flight Schools, low down time and minimal interruptions for upgrades, Airlines and the like. Yes, we are in business to make money maintenance and repairs are elementary. By far, most of but we realize that we can only fulfil that part of our...

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Our success is measured by the level of confidence that the customer has in Aviatify as a long-term solution provider for pilot training needs. Grab the phone or drop us a line. Good things may happen. sales@aviatify.aero +31 (0)7 1569 0171 www.aviatify.aero linkedin.com/company/aviatify facebook.com/aviatify instagram.com/aviatify.aero

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