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AUTO GYRO TOURS An uncomparable Adventure Where freedom begins and excitement never ends. AutoGyro takes you to the most outstanding places and realizes the vacation you have always dreamed of. In close collaboration with our international Partners, we organize AutoGyro Tours all around the globe and all year long. Safaris above the beautiful wildlife of Namibia, trips around the rich coasts and deep jungles of Costa Rica, or tours through the stunning nature of Iceland are just some examples of how you may experience breath-taking views above exceptional regions which are nearly undiscovered by civilization. There is lots to explore on all continents. See the world from a different perspective, learn more about cultures and experience the wonderful variety of our nature. Or in other words: Have the time of your life with AutoGyro Tours. Enjoy the difference! AutoGyro GmbH DornierstraRe 14 31137 Hildesheim Germany AutoGyro Central America Apdo. 99, Correo 5235 Playa Samara, Guanacaste Costa Rica AUTO GYRO TOURS Costa Rica AutoGyro_GyroTours_CostaRica_EN.indd 1-3 23.09.2016 09:43:51

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GyroTours - 2

Costa Rica AUTO GYRO TOURS AUTO GYRO TOURS COSTA RICA Endless beaches, mysical jungles and volcano-shaped landscapes between two oceans - this is what gave Costa Rica, the rich coast, its name. Uncomparably beautiful and uniquely versatile, its flora and fauna are one of the richest on earth. Our Partner Guido Scheidt will take you on a tour around his home country and realize dream-like excursions throughout the year. Customized tours for individual groups are also available Participants: Accomodation: Transfer: Duration: Languages: Gyros: 3 - 9 Pilots Hotels with half board San Jose...

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