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AutoGyro - Quality and Expertise The German art of engineering, combined with an unparalleled world-wide distribution network provides you with absolute confidence and freedom to explore the skies. Our fleet of more than 2,500 aircrafts around the globe is testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Making us the world’s favourite gyroplane by far. Designed and produced in Germany, with multiple international design awards, our team of more than 140 highly qualified and professional technicians, engineers and designers, are dedicated to providing the best aircraft possible without compromising on quality or indeed our engineering heritage. Uniquely adaptable to a multitude of different missions, our gyroplanes are your ideal partner, providing superior utilisation at minimal cost. From aerial surveillance, to broadcasting missions — vou will find AutoGyro GmbH Dornierstrafte 14 31137 Hildesheim Germany Dynamic Perspective GmbH Wehlistrafte 29/Stiege 1/Topi 1200 Vienna Austria Cevalon • Calidus • MTOsport

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Technical Data Gimbal DynaX5 System 5-axes gyro stabilized camera platform Proprietary multi-processor control system High performance sensors without ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements Gimbal Visual Range Pan: Tilt: Roll: 360° horizontal (continuous) 210° vertical ± 45° roll/horizon Interfaces Fibre optic video link for clean 3 GHz/6 GHz transfer Ethernet SDI & HDMI Environmental Operating temperature: Simply the Best The AutoGyro CavalonPRO is a class of its own. Realizing up to 90% of all helicopter assignments at only 10% of the costs, this specially equipped gyroplane is...

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