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GUARANTEE Aura Standalone Sensors Aura Light AB, Vimmerby (Sweden) offers a five (5) year guarantee for the following Aura sensors: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Aura Universal PIR Sensors Aura Large Room PIR Sensor Aura Large Range PIR Sensor Aura Cold Area PIR Sensor Aura High-bay PIR Sensor Aura Mini PIR Sensor Aura Universal HF Senor Aura Universal HF Senor Aura Corridor HF Sensor Aura Mini HF Sensor Aura Wall HF Sensor Casambi PIR Large Range Sensor Casambi Large Room Sensor Casambi PIR Universal Sensor The guarantee is based on mounting and installation instructions according to Aural Light manual. The guarantee covers defects in components and materials not derived from improper handling, incorrect electrical parameters or usage outside defined ambient temperatures and defined environments. When the failure rate is more than 5% the defect products above 5% will be compensated free of charge. A claim for damages cannot be constituted based on this guarantee. Due to technical advancements it is possible that future deliveries may differ from the original product. Aura Light AB • Box 8 • 598 21 Vimmerby • Sweden Tel: +46

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The validity of the guarantee is based on the following conditions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Operating sensors within the stated ambient temperature conditions and correct mounting. Replacement costs are not covered by this warranty. The guarantee does not apply to any failure resulting from installation under power. The guarantee is valid from the date of installation, which must be recorded by the user. If problems with defective components would occur should this be handled as follows: Notify Aura Light of the complaint. After the complaint, any defective sensor is returned to the Aura Light test...

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