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Aura Light catalogue 2018


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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 1

Luminaires 2018 - first edition AURA LIGHT

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 2

Content PICTOGRAM DESCRIPTION 6 Aura Lunaria Pro Pendulum 18 Aura Lunaria Pro Tunable White 44 Easy Selection: Lanternin G2 48 CEILING, WALL & DESK 60 Easy Selection: Filix 114 NoctiLED pole & wall 164 Aura UltiLED Long Life G4 182 Aura UltiLED Tunable White 186 Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life G3 190 Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life 194 TUNABLE WHITE CONTROL DEVICES 200 LIGHTING WITHOUT INVESTMENT 202 Illustration cover: Joachim Schill

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 3

AURA LIGHT FROM SWEDEN – SWEDISH DESIGN AND QUALITY Energy efficiency, functionality, modularity, quality and design are the cornerstones of our product development. Aura Light customize complete lighting solutions for many different environments such as – for example – office, school, hospital, industry, warehouse and retail. We also offer a wide range of light sources and lighting controls for customers who want to optimize their energy efficiency. MADE IN VIMMERBY The luminaire factory, which is located in Vimmerby, is state of the art. We develop and produce smart lighting solutions...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 4

Pictogram descriptions Ingress protection. The first number indicates the Impact resistant protection class against dust and the second number the protection class against moisture Available as emergency lighting version Can be fitted with LED light sources Wide light distribution - downlighting Can be fitted with fluorescent T5 light sourcees Direct light distribution (downlighting) Medium/narrow distribution Direct/indirect light distribution - both Can be fitted with fluorescent T8 light sourcees The luminaire meets Class l and must be earthed uplight and downlight CLASS I The luminaire...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 5

Aura Lunaria Pro. Pendulum 18

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 6

Design and customise your own LED luminaire Exzite is a new type of luminaire, where you can truly customize your own design through a variety of options. The flexible design is ideal in today's modern offices and makes the luminaire a natural part of your interior design concept. Exzite is available either with a microprism diffuser for the direct light or a double parabolic aluminium louvre in efficient MIRO 5. Both versions have a line prismatic diffuser for the indirect light. Exzite is also available with a variety of different colour side panels, end caps and decorative screws, which...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 7

Sensor versions available on request for all products except for the tunable white versions. applications: Offices, public areas, conference rooms and receptions. material: Housing made of extruded aluminium for good heat dissipation. Microprism acrylic diffuser or a double parabolic aluminium louvre in efficient MIRO 5 for the direct light. A line prismatic acrylic diffuser for the indirect light. INSTALLATION AND connection: Pendant installation. On/off and pull-dim versions are delivered with 2 m white cable with earthed plug. DALI /SwitchDim and Split versions are supplied with 2 m 5...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 8

Modern LED luminaire for schools and offices Lezzon is a modern, energy efficient LED luminaire developed specifically for schools and office environments. It is an attractive solution for a wide range of areas and offers the ideal combination of energy efficiency and low maintenance. Lezzon gives both 65% direct and 35% indirect light, with a micro prism diffuser for the direct light and a line prismatic diffuser for the indirect light. It is available in a wide range of wattages, depending on lighting need and installation height. The housing is made of extruded aluminium to ensure...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 9

A pendant LED luminaire that modernizes your office Cetre is a pendant, low-profile office luminaire well suited for both offices and public environments. It combines energy efficiency and aesthetics and add a modern design element in your office. Cetre gives both 35% direct and 65% indirect light, with a double parabolic aluminium louvre for the direct light and an aluminium reflector for the indirect light. It is available as on/off; DALI, dimmable and pull dim versions. Cetre LED is equipped with the exchangeable LED light source Aura UltiLED Long Life. Cetre LED Tunable White is...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 10

A LED pendulum with uniform light and a slim design TYPE AURA LUNARIA PRO PENDULUM 1195 X 295 MM 1195 mm applications: office, hotels, retail, lobbies and public buildings. material: Body is made of steel and aluminum. RAL9010 White. Transparent cable. Separate LED driver included. INSTALLATION AND connection: Pendulum. The wire is 1 m and the cable is 1,5 m (halogen free). Ceiling cup with four mounting holes. Possible to adjust the height by friction lock. The terminal block (5x1 mm2) is placed in the ceiling cup. Surface mounted cable possible. TECHNICAL DATA: IP20. 120-277V AC,...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 11

Propel is an innovative and exciting luminaire with unique design. The three parts can be set in various positions, giving completely different looks. The luminaire can be ordered in all colours from the NCS range, everything to suit your personal preferences or to match the design theme in the room. It has a black-colored textile cord as standard. Propel is DALI dimmable with separate addresses for up and down or can be fitted with embedded idim sensor for daylight linking and presence detection for maximal energy savings. Flexible shape Daylight linking and presence detection Excellent...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 12

applications: Offices, hotels, retail, restaurants, lobbies and public buildings. material: Housing is made of steel and aluminum. White RAL 9016. Opal diffusor PMMA. INSTALLATION AND connection: Pendant with friction locks and wire. Ceiling cup with wire bracket included. Available in three sizes. TECHNICAL DATA: 230V, 50-60Hz, IP20, powerfactor A >0,9. CE. LED-module: 3000K (4000K on request), CRI >80, SDCM 3. Lifetime 50 000 h (L70B50). DALI driver. Notum is a family of luminaires with timeless design for public spaces in offices, schools or reception areas. It is a very energy...

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Aura Light catalogue 2018 - 13

Modern luminaire in a variety of colours Zeres is a decorative luminaire, suitable for public areas such as entrances or public spaces. Zeres Pendant is equipped with wire suspension and provides a unique design and functional lighting. It is available in three different sizes, 500, 600 and 800 mm in diameter. The decorative ring can be ordered in all colours from the NCS range, to match the room's other furnishings. Zeres combines a high luminious flux with great efficacy for the best possible energy saving. Zeres is also available in an suspended version. Energy efficient Modern...

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