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unmatched leadership The ATR 72-600F is the only new large regional freighter on the market. It incorporates all the latest technology featured in the ATR -600 Series while boasting a design optimised for freighter operations. The unique capability to carry both bulk and industry-standard Unit Load Devices makes the ATR 72-600F a highly versatile aircraft. Entering into service in 2020 the ATR 72-600F is set to become the new benchmark in the regional air cargo industry. ATR -600 SERIES ADDED VALUE State-of-the-art avionics • Latest Performance Based Navigation capabilities • Enhanced Flight Vision System More payload and range Unbeatable economics MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES • Fwd Large Cargo Door 2.94 x 1.8 m (116” x 71”) • Aft Upper Hinged Cargo Door in replacement of standard passenger door • Windowless fuselage • Reinforced floor panels @488 kg/m² (100 lbs/ft²) • Cabin liner with net attachment points • Cargo Loading System (CLS) capability • Integrated state-of the-art LED lighting • Class E cargo compartment

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KEY CAPABILITIESBULK CONFIGURATION MAIN FEATURES • Up to nine vertical nets • Attachment points on floor and lateral tracks BENEFITS • Optimised available volume • Easy cargo loading MAIN FEATURES • Containers and pallets secured with a Cargo Loading System (CLS) BENEFITS • Carry industry-standard Unit Load Devices • Interline cargo with larger freighters • Ideal for outsized items ULD CAPABILITY • LD-3s • R388" x 108" pallets • 88" x 62" pallets KEY FIGURES A MAX STRUCTURAL PAYLOAD USABLE VOLUME 900 nm Based on all-bulk configuration and typical cargo density in the integrator segment All...

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