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PCMUX3108 H PCMUX3108 HC PCMUX3108 HA COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR OEM AND IN-LINE MULTIPLE CHANNEL UT SYSTEMS USPC 3100 MH or MHC or MHA MAIN FEATURES 8 Independent Remote Pulsers, Preamps & Attenuators Max. PRF : 20KHz ÷ No of Active Channels • All Settings Fully Independent per Channel • Optional DAC, Fully Independent per Channel PCMUX3108HC with High Speed CSCAN Data Acquisition PCMUX3108HA with High Speed A & CSCAN Data Acquisition PCMUX3108H-HC-HA-UK-030

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MUX8H - 8 CHANNELS Remote Pulser: Square Wave • 5ns rise time & decay • 125/250 Volts Power common to all channels • 25ns to 1,000ns Width Max. Pulse Repetition Rate : 20 kHz divided per No of Active channels (up to 8) - w/o DAC Option. Preamplifier: 12dB Input Attenuator: 0/15dB Attenuator: 0/20dB External Triggers from USPC Card : • PRF In to trigger each channel firing • START In to trigger sequential cycle of Tests IN/OUTPUT Connectors : • One TX SMB per channel • One RX SMB per channel • One RF SMB for sequential A-Scans Output To USPC Card RX SMB Input • One RS232 SubD • One 10-Pin...

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