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A FULL RANGE OF SERVICES DEDICATED TO YOUR PERFORMANCE BOND AND LOOP TESTING CHANNELING ELECTRICAL CURRENT WITHIN ANY TYPE OF AIRCRAFT MULTIBRAND CALIBRATION SERVICE Ensure you productivity with a 3 days service (transport not included) Portable Milliohmmeter Portable Micro-ohmmeter and loop resistance Tester - Manual or auto range - 8 hours of autonomy - From 1µΩ to 6Ω - 0.1A, 1A, 2A, 3A and 10A - Measures 4 wires - Memory of 2000 measurements - Compact and very light weight: < 3 kgs - Up to 1500 meas. at 10A with a battery pack - From 0,1 μΩ to 200 mΩ - USB port - Easy to read large display - Loop test: only one clamp, generation + measurement - Memory of 2000 readings - Compact and light weight: < 2 kgs - Loop Resistance Test + Contact Resistance Test ATEQ Aviation recommends that our reliable instruments be calibrated annually to maintain optimal accuracy. This multibrand service has a 6 months warranty. DEMO UNIT RENTAL Keep your maintenance and production departments running while your instrument is being serviced ATEQ Aviation has a well-stocked inventory of rental equipment ready to be shipped out for quick turnaround. A service also available during your test and feasibility campaigns. TRAINING Have your technicians and engineers immediately operational Our training sessions are designed to ensure that technicians and engineers come out with a level of knowledge that allows them to make the most of their equipment. More than a mark of our advantage compared to competitors, this service illustrates our desire to work with our customers to form a close collaboration (Approval number: 11780733378). MAINTENANCE & REPAIR +40 years Customer Support Experience Accredited Calibration Laboratories ONE-STOP SHOP Pitot Adapters Kits & Covers On-demand test instruments Worldwide support FREE LOAN PERIOD Enjoy an exclusive appreciated service You can test our equipment free of charge to make sure that you have chosen the correct one. ATEQ AVIATION EMEA Europe, Middle East, Russia, Africa + Custom software/Hardware Requests ATEQ AVIATION THE AMERICAS 3216 S. Nordic Rd Arlington Heights, IL 60005 United States Phone: +1-847-640-6242 Toll Free (USA only): 800-324-2885 Fax: 847-640-8368 ATEQ AVIATION ASIA PACIFIC AVIATION TEST EQUIPMENT LFT_AVSALESBROTRI_A_R02_ENG_20230914 ONE-STOP PARTNER FROM DESIGN TO PRODUCTION Product Training Non-contractual photos. Specifications subject to change without notice. September 2023. On-site device verification or at our premises, ATEQ Aviation maintenance is 6 months warranty. Adapter and Accessory Repair (100% replacements of COBRA Adapters damaged parts) and verification on test sets regardless of manufacturer. ATEQ Aviation has the tooling, inventory & expertise to quickly return your equipment to service and save your valuable time. Need phone support? ATEQ Aviation Team commits quick and reliable answers. Pneumatic, Electric Electronic Testing Solutions and services for OEM, MRO, Airline Operators and Defense.

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ATEQ strives to continuously improve the industrial ecosystem through respect, integrity, security, green technologies and the use of recyclable components. PITOT-STATIC ADAPTERS AND TEST KITS ACCESSORIES BATTERY TESTING ALL AIRCRAFT COMPATIBILITY / AOA - PITOT - STATIC ALL AIRCRAFT COMPATIBILITY / AOA - PITOT - STATIC Since our creation in 2002, Cobra Systems - an ATEQ Aviation brand since 2018 - has been dedicated to improving the designs of pitot/static test equipment. The result? We save you time and you gain efficiency. By using innovative technology and superior materials, ATEQ...

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