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ADVANCED SOLAR SOLUTION NETWORK SCB Airport Light WIRELESS LED SOLAR VISUAL AID SYSTEM FOR AIRPORT • Fully self contained; • High efficiency LED lights, with uniform colour, temperature and radiation intensity; • Different configurations to fit any operational requirement; • Low energy consumption and high autonomy; • High efficiency photovoltaic panels, fitted with an optimum inclination; • Three light intensity levels (low, medium, high); • Wireless remote monitoring and control • Easy installation and relocation; • Green Solution Ecofriendly (zero emission); The SCB is the basic component of the SILAS-H (Solar Illumination Aeronautical System), a landing visual aid system for heliport and helipads, aimed extend the operational working time, also in marginal visibility conditions. The SCB is a wireless solar LED light; it is fully remotely controlled and monitored, not requiring any cable connection (wireless technology). The SCB can be easily installed and removed without external energy, cabling or site preparation. The SCB is powered by batteries, charged through four photovoltaic panels located on the external case. The solar cells are fitted with a tilt designed for an optimal use of the solar energy; this allows the SCB to operate in accordance with international standards, even with adverse weather conditions (low solar light level for long periods). ASSN has been established by GLOSS-SRL, to exploit the capabilities of solar LED light illumination system for aeronautical applications For info: info@pdvancedsolarsolution. com Web site:

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