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Italian ENAC Certification - 1

Emac Emr rvv/nrvwr wo I Av<a» rc Oat t’At»V* CM AatrK* AWHOO'v SfMtUm&oOy Sr I Via Pontine Km 34 00040 Ante. - (RU) SUBJECT Ponab'e and sem.permanent device model SCB (SMART CONTROLLED B*OfLY LIGHT) for runway and taxrway ‘ght/g - - Having regard to folowng referenda regulation • ICAO - Annex 14 - Volume 1 and 2. • ENAC - Regulation for the conetructon and management of airport* - Ch 6. • ENAC - Regulation for the construction and management of heliports - Ch 5. • ENAC - Attachment to the OcWar APT 13/A - {Manual of Acceptance criona Visual Axis) • ENAC - APT 28 - Aerodrome devices acceptance enterie. • FAA - Advisory Circular - Specification for Porta We runway and Taxiway Lights • AC N* 5345/150-50B - Aprt 5. 2012 • Having regard to Techncal Operational Standard ENAC APS 04 - 1- Ed ton of 2013. - Havog regard to fo»ow«ng manufacturers dooxnents • Measure of the Photometric values of the omsuoo spectrum by Ocem/Argos’ • Techrvcai laboratory tests inside Bofty and/or at the outade institute ’Goordano*. • Techrsc# operation tests BKJfiy and/v outage on the seeded a*port • Evaluation about design technical parameters and related datasheet of Bofiy - Compfcence ENAC - Wherees SCB devee fuifrts prevous regulatory references - Whereas both laboratory and fekJ tests issued a pos4rve outcome - ENAC hereby states that the fo*owng device

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