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500 MFD Your lowest-cost glass expansion. The Evolution 500 MFD (Multi-Function Display) provides the same great MFD features as the 1000 MFD at a lower price by eliminating the duplicate sensor set and the ability to serve as a PFD backup. It’s a perfect MFD solution for the pilot who wants a more affordable glass panel expansion when adding on to the PFD. It’s also ideal as a third display to round out your glass cockpit six-pack replacement. For more information visit www.aspenavionics.com.

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E vo l u t i o n 50 0 M F D F e at u r e s: • Sectional-style moving maps with hazard awareness overlays • Customizable screen layouts • Charts and geo-referenced airport diagrams1 • Built-in backup battery Evolution Hazard Awareness • Built-in terrain awareness • Traffic overlay on map via interface2 • Weather WX500 Stormscope interface Datalink weather3 Hi-res NEXRAD radar Radar coverage map Precipitation type (at surface) Echo tops Cloud tops Winds aloft (by altitude) Satellite mosaic (by altitude) AIRMETs SIGMETs TFRs Storm weather tracks Lightning METARs TAFs See...

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Evolution 500 MFD shown actual size

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