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PCBN Machining Grades adapted to Do you have machining problems ? your application. • Sintered steels • Cast iron • Ni-based alloys • Co-based alloys Used in continuous and also in interrupted cutting modes, our tools are defined to improve your productivity. Milling of steels up to 65 Hrc, machining of cast iron and superalloys, our range TB700 and TB900 increases the life time in high speed application. In hardened steel: TB200 ► to achieve high finishing quality In cast iron: TB700 ► to increase life time Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe S. A.S.

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PCBN Machining A variety of grades for a maximum of advantages TB200 and TB300 family for steel finishing Very long life time TB500 family for steel machining under difficult conditions, sintered steels TB700 for steel milling, cast iron and Ni-based alloys machining Accurate workpieces TB900 for rough turning of cast iron and steel Increased productivity ized custom ic Specif ation prepar edge afety more s utes to ast iron ontrib c of c TB900 urning gh t by rou Asahi Diamond Europe: - 200 people, - Production and sales in all European countries, - A R&D team, - A customer service at your...

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