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Grinding Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. has been chasing this theme. Grinding is an indispensable step of the manufacturing process. Asahi manufactures a comprehensive array of “superabrasive wheels” using the highest quality diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride). Superabrasive wheels play a key role in the grinding process for electric, semiconductor, automotive, bearing, and mold making industries. Asahi Diamond aims, through research and development, to manufacture wheels which have characteristics such as “faster cutting speeds,” “extremely accurate,” and are “safe and clean” in...

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3. Abrasive Indication and Surface Roughness— 4 4. Characteristic of Abrasive and Materials To Be Ground 5

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Please indicate the following when placing a new order. We would appreciate if you could inform us of the previous production number (7 digits), if any.

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Abrasive Type Mesh Size Bond Type Depth of Super Abrasive Section : Natural Diamond : Synthetic Diamond : Metal Coated Diamond : Cubic Boron Nitride* : Metal Coated Cubic Boron Nitride*

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'Average diameter slightly vary due to each regulation. Also some grit sizes are not available. Surface Roughness Ry //m Surface Roughness Ry //m

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haracteristics of Abrasive and Materials To Be Ground © Hardness Diamond CBN B4C SiC A12O3 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 Knoop Hardness Super Hardened Alloys Titanium Alloys Glass Crystal Ceramics Cermets Silicon Ferrites PCD/PCBN Quartz Stone Concrete Asphalt Carbon steels High-Speed Steels Tool Steels Alloy Steels Hardening Steels Die Steels Stainless Steels Bearing Steels Heat-Resistant Alloys/ Super Heat-Resistant Alloys/ Sintered Metals (Ferrous and other) Copper Alloys

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Safety Instructions For preventing accidents and safe operation, carefully read the Safety Instructions, the notes described in Inspection List and the Operators Manual before operating. (1) Working Environment, Clothes, Protections © Operators should put on protection such as goggles, dustproof mask, safety boots, protecting cap. ©Wheels can generate sparks during operation. Do not operate where subjected to ignition or explosion. (2) Prior to Operation ©Make sure to apply grinding fluid continuesly when using in wet grinding. ©Do not reprofile the wheel, please return to us. © Do not...

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(4) Grinding Operation ©Do not touch spinning wheel. In case of dry grinding, do not touch wheel even after grinding because it might be hot. ©Never operate exceeding the maximum operating speed designated in Wheel Inspection List as well as tolerance operating speed of grinder spindle. ©When unusual sound or vibration occurs, stop the operation and switch off the machine immediately. ©Make a no-load trial run for 1 to 3 minutes prior to operation in order to make sure the operating direction is correct and there is no vibration. ©When processing wet, be sure to apply grinding fluid...

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R esin Bond Wheels R esin Bond Wheels Resin bond is usually made with heat-cured resin mainly composed of phenolic resin. Resin bond wheel has excellent grinding ability, surface finish and minimal chipping. It is widely applied for difficult-to-machine materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, glass, and silicon as well as ferrous materials such as high-speed steels and sintered ferrous metals. (1) Characteristics of Resin Bond Wheels ©Resin bond usually has some added filler such as organic and inorganic materials, metals, etc. into the phenolic resin in order to control its wear...

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Polyimide resin is used in polyx wheels instead of the standard phenolic resin known as resin bond. Among other high-function resins, polyimide resin is best in heat and wear resistance. (1) Characteristics of Polyx Wheels ©Excellent Heat Resistance According to thermogravimetry, the rate of residual weight reaches 90% at a temperature of 388°C for phenolic resin and 516°C for polyimide resin, which makes a difference of 128°C, and a difference of 150°C at the point of thermal decomposition. This heat resistance brings superiority in superabrasive grit retention when generating grinding...

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Metal Bond Wheels Metal bond is a binding material made of metallic powders of copper, tin, iron, cobalt, etc. It has excellent grit retention and wear resistance compared to other wheels. (1) Characteristics of Metal Bond Wheels ©Metal bond wheels are divided into three major types bronze-type which is superior in grinding ability cobalt-type which is superior in wheel life and steel-type which stands in the middle in grinding capability. ©Metal bond wheels have excellent grit retention and wear resistance compared to resin bond wheels and vitrified bond wheels, it has long wheel life in...

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Vitrified bond is a vitreous binding material and generally contains pores inside while other materials contain no pores. Therefore vitrified bond wheels have excellent grinding ability and are superior in forming. (1) Characteristics of Vitrified Bond Wheels ©Wheel grinding ability and wheel life depend on the combination of binding material, super abrasive mesh size, concentration, and porosity. The harder the bond, the longer wheel life is achieved. On the contrary, the softer the bond, better grinding ability is achieved because porosity becomes higher. Also higher concentration of...

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lectroplated Wheels Electroplated wheels, bring stable performance in grinding accuracy, grinding ability, and wheel life. They have an excellent reputation in a variety of applications. (1) Characteristics of Electroplated Wheels ©They are constant in grinding ability, and can be suited for many materials because of the amount of the abrasive protruding from the bond. ©They are capable of holding form at low cost and can be made in short period of time. ©They are best suited to produce small volume in wide range of categories. Wheel life is shorter than other bonds because electroplated...

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