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High Performance Navigation Systems Integrated Navigation and Guidance System Technologies ArdicLabs is the leading innovator of high-end critical technology in guidance, navigation, control and image processing applications. The company manufactures a wide range of embedded navigation systems for air, land, sea, and space applications. Our team has highly experienced and motivated professionals to accomplish our vision of becoming a globally recognized establishment providing guidance, navigation and control for autonomous systems and aerospace industry.

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M1 series - 2

KEY FEATURES • MEMS based alternative to the tactical systems • GNSS/INS with RTK and Dual Antenna capabilities • Ruggedized packaging and robust calibration KEY FEATURES • GNSS/INS with size 33mm x 33mm x 15.8mm • Cost effective AHRS, GNSS/INS and RTK • Easy integration and use ArNav M is the high performance series of the ArNav family. ArNav M series consist of GNSS/INS (ArNav M2G or ArNav MIG), real-time kinematic GNSS/INS (ArNav M2GR) and double antenna GNSS/INS (ArNav M2HDR) products. | ArNav S series is the MEMS-based low cost, miniaturized form of the ArNav family. ArNav S series...

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M1 series - 4

ArlmNav provides accurate position, velocity and attitude data in GNSS denied environments via on-board image sensors. ArlmNav registers on-board video to pre-processed aerial images of the mission region in order to compensate the drift of the inertial sensors. Even under harsh jamming scenarios, ArlmNav horizontal accuracy stands less than 15 meters. The system is able to cope with short and long term GPS fallouts. Mission Planner Software Autonomous platforms generally use GNSS/INS integrated systems to provide position, speed and orientation. However, GNSS signals are vulnerable to...

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