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ZipLink® is a breakthrough in belting design that combines cover materials with a structured link mesh that can be easily spliced at any length into a continuous belt without the need for special tools, presses or other equipment. The ZipLink® construction eliminates points of weakness because there is no loss of strength in the splice area, making the belts stronger so they last longer than belts of other seamed or fused materials. ZipLink® provides long life and flexibility for multiple applications. The belts can easily and quickly be changed without accruing significant downtime or expensive overtime. After converting to ZipLink®, time and personnel required to change belts may be reduced by more than half. Complete toolbox available, including instruction CD Working instruction Score the back and lubricate the pin. Gently pull the pin out using pliers. Press the ends back together firmly. Pass the wire through and cut the excess

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Local Contacts Spain T +34 93 718 3054 Sweden T +46 44 780 3010 Switzerland T +41 55 2253 535 Canada T +1 905 890 1311 Thailand T +66 2 902 2604-13 Chile T +56 2 233 12900 United Kingdom T +44 1992 500550 China T +86 512 8287 2709...

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Every Second FAST & EASY SPLICING Link Belts with Zip Win Your Race at the Pit Stop!

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ZipLink® - Increase your production time Joint with one single pin! Ammeraal Beltech is a leading manufacturer of process and conveyor belting with an established reputation for developing innovative solutions for belting applications. Working closely with OEMs and end users Ammeraal Beltech has developed a range of ZipLink® Belts: a special design link fabric in combination with top covers giving superior performance. Main benefit is the striking increase of your production time. ZipLink® Belts: • Minimize replacement time on site by 75% • Eliminate splice failures • Eliminate damages to...

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Belts that join instantly Easy, no specific training required AMMERAAL BELTECH ZIPLINK® BELT RANGE » Shortest production downtime » Reduced maintenance time and cost » Extended belt service life » Ideal for difficult locations Increased production time » Protects both product and conveyor from being damaged » Extra high stability allows for easier tracking » Safe on-site installation, no heavy equipment needed » No loss of strength in the joint area Operational safety » Low friction bottom version helps reduce energy consumption due to the absence of splice areas Less energy consumption »...

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The largest range of covers ... and we can make your specific belt on demand Selection of Range ZipLink® Belts CR = cold resistant, FG = foodgrade, FR = flame retardant, HR = heat resistant, HD = hydrolysis resistant, OR = oil resistant Easy replacement considerable cost outside fitters

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