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Belts for the Airport Industry


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Belts for the Airport Industry - 1

Ammeraal Beltech Innovation & Service in Belting Your business Airport Industry From the check-in counter

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Belts for the Airport Industry - 2

Unique industry, unique needs Around the world, airports are busier than they have ever been. More flights and more passengers are taking off and landing every day, and they are not travelling emptyhanded. Passenger baggage is a vital aspect of airport management, and how quickly, safe and accurately it moves around within the airport system will directly influence overall airport efficiency and consumer satisfaction. From check-in to baggage reclaim, Ammeraal Beltech provides the best belting solutions. Through the unique combination of market expertise, experience and engineering knowhow,...

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Belts for the Airport Industry - 3

Reliable, Safe baggage transport Screening and X-ray Scanning Sorting Cross belt sorters It all begins here where baggage is weighed, tagged and then transported. One of the most vital steps in airport and aviation safety. Baggage sorting involves highspeed conyevors equipped with cross-belt and tilt-tray sorters to minimize transfer times. Our belts are strong with proven reliability and feature profiles designed for the transport of roller-equipped suitcases. Ammeraal Beltech’s widely used Ropanyl belts are the perfect never-fail solution for baggage screening applications. We offer...

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Belts for the Airport Industry - 4

esistant, Low Noise and Flame Retardant solutions Sorting – Tray systems Sorting – Pushers and dividers Transportation – Curve, Merge and Take-Away Airport systems demand hightech intelligent design, and our belts deliver. Efficiency and innovation are the hallmarks of our belting solutions. Pullers, pushers, merging facilities – all these belts have special requirements. Strong curved belts are required and must be able to handle heavy loads. We offer special belt coatings to guarantee the firmest grip and the smoothest possible transport and transfers. Our high-impact-resistant Flexam...

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Belts for the Airport Industry - 5

Reduced Energy Costs Less Downtime Transportation – Merge and Take-away Loading/Unloading – Belly Loading Arrivals Claim Belt junctions require narrow tolerances and small drum diameters. Our 45° angled merge belts fit the job and are high temperature resistant. Weather and temperatureresistant conveyor belts with excellent grip and tracking properties in bi-directional conveying for loading and unloading aircraft. At the final stage of the BHS journey, baggage is delivered to passengers. For transiting passengers, a system is in place to expedite onward baggage transfer. Our belts offer...

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Belts for the Airport Industry - 6

ment For airports, there is nothing more important than move our – it’s their reason for being. At Ammeraal Beltech, it’s er mission too. Like our belts, we never stop and we deliv every time – which makes us your perfect Baggage Handling System partner. Local Contacts Spain T +34 93 718 3054 Sweden T +46 44 780 3010 Switzerland T +41 55 2253 535 Canada T +1 905 890 1311 Thailand T +66 2...

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