TJ310 Turbo-MassTM Fuel Flowmeter, with Digital Output


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TJ310 Turbo-Mass™ Fuel Flowmeter, with Digital Output DESCRIPTION AMETEK is pleased to introduce the latest in a series of fuel flow measurement sensors with ARINC 429 and RS232 output. The Turbo-Mass™ flowmeter incorporates decades of precise fuel flow measurement experience in a package uniquely suited for light jet, turbo-prop, and helicopter applications. This new model combines proven turbine flowmeter design principles with state-of-the-art signal conditioning electronic designs to provide the user with an accurate mass flow indication in a single integrated package. This low profile, light-weight design provides an ideal solution for small aircraft applications where mass flow measurements are preferred over volumetric measurement. The internal mechanism of the flowmeter is comprised of a single, in-line, turbine rotor, concentrically mounted on a shaft within a cylindrical housing through which the flow passes. This rotating assembly is located by flow conditioning end supports. The volumetric fuel flow rate, which is directly proportional to the turbine rotation rate, is detected by a modulated carrier pickup. By compensating for variations in specific gravity and viscosity as a function of temperature, using conventional microprocessing capability, the turbine output efficiently provides the desired mass flow indication. The modular PCB construction separates processing functionality for maximum flexibility: power and EMI protection...compensation processing...signal measurement and filtering are each handled on separate PCBs. OVER FIFTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has designed and manufactured aircraft fuel flowmeters since the 1950’s. AMETEK has applied these designs to all aircraft types including helicopters, business jets, large commercial jets, military fighters, transports and refueling tankers. These applications have maximum flow rates ranging from 500 pph to 600,000 pph. The Turbo-Mass™ flowmeter was especially designed to meet the specific needs of today’s growing Very Light Jet and UAV aircraft applications. FEATURES 3 Lightweight: < 0.80 lbs 3 Low profile, compact design 3 Compensated mass flow output signal: PPH, Kg/m 3 Fuel temperature output, oC 3 Integrated signal conditioning rated for 257°F 3 Electrical interface options: ARINC429, RS232 AMETEK* AEROSPACE & DEFENSE

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TJ310 Turbo-Mass Fuel Flowmeter, with Digital Output TM SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Dry weight, no brackets or fittings Accuracy + 1% of point for 500 to 2500 pph For standard Jet A-1 density vs temperature Fuel or ambient air temperature Operating pressure Proof pressure Burst pressure Inlet pressure Pressure drop 5 psi max at 2500 pph 15 psi max with locked rotor Output, mass flow Output, fuel temperature Accuracy, fuel temperature +3OF (+1.7OC) Response time Connector Shell to Housing DIMENSIONS SALES: North America Tel: +1 978-988-4771 • Fax: +1 215-293-8995 AEROSPACE & DEFENSE...

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