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The leader in self-service bag drop _ solutions s~~ The perfect integration of design, technology and process

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Airports and Airlines benefit from self-service bag drop solutions as they enhance capacity, lower operational costs and improve the passenger experience. To fully utilise the benefits of these solutions, they must be non-intimidating and intuitive for the infrequent flyer to operate without agent assistance. With over 1100 units sold across the globe, ICM's Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units process over 2 million bags each month. Our advanced technology is uncompromising on safety and security, with a design that ensures efficiency and ease-of-use. ICM's Auto Bag Drop is leading the way in...

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Superior design ABD status indicator Solid surface material Double glazed safety glass More passenger space Easy side loading Edge lighting Easy visibility Free from cross traffic Stainless steel kick plates Easier side loading More passenger space Easy agent visibility The side loading system* reduces body strain, as the low height of the side guard only requires a gentle lift to get luggage onto the belt. The open-sided design allows passengers to easily reach their bag if needed, and provides a welcoming space for passengers to drop their bags. The ABD design better utilises space that...

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Aesthetically pleasing From the rounded edges of the console to the use of lighting and glass, the ABD shape and style is modern in design and pleasing to the eye. With optional outer shell colours to suit airport decor and easily configurable lighting colours, the ABD units also have multiple open surface areas and screen displays which provide branding opportunities for airports and airlines. The contemporary design of the ABD contributes to the aesthetics of any airport terminal.

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Fast processing on first belt The bag is fully processed (weighed, scanned, activated) on the first belt, resulting in fast transaction times. The passenger can respond immediately to adjust the bag tag if needed. Once the bag starts moving, the bag drop process is complete. Automatic conveyability check Advanced 3D scanners detect non-conveyable items which prevents possible BHS* bag jams, that may cause delays. Bags are prevented from being inducted if they are: • Upright • Multiple • Loose Straps • Round • Irregular (eg. stroller) The use of tubs will be prompted and tub detection is...

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Airline Departure Control (DCS) Gonmon SentaB Common IK* VI(Vrvn r (CUSS) PUlfrxn tAf A CUSS Maf'ddUl B N ft 'imuhyi | Baggage Handling System (BHS) Flexible 1- or 2-step process Both 1-step and 2-step check-in options are available, in accordance with client requirements. A 1-step process allows bag tag printing and bag drop at the one location, whereas a 2-step process consists of check-in and bag tag printing at a kiosk, then bag drop at the ABD. Fast and intuitive process Passengers are guided by an intuitive user interface that is easily configurable for airline and airport...

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Lifecycle support services ICM has an extensive service portfolio to support self-service ABD units throughout their lifecycle. This includes: • Full service contracts offering availability based responsibility encompassing on-site support, remote support, comprehensive incident reporting, software upgrades, spare parts provision, documentation and training. • Tailored support solutions to meet individual clients' needs Our systems are constantly refined by field data and site learnings, enabling upgrades that are responsive to operational change and new technical capabilities. This ensures...

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ABD product suite Retrofit Solutions Series 7 Rotating Desk Hybrid Series 7 Fixed Desk Hybrid Replacement Solutions ICM an Amadeus Company – Auto Bag Drop

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Comments General ✓ - Provided | X - Not provided | E - Existing | O - Optional *Please note that these features can be changed at any time by ICM without notice.

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Comments Baggage Processing ✓ - Provided | X - Not provided | E - Existing | O - Optional *Please note that these features can be changed at any time by ICM without notice.

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Comments Form Factor ✓ - Provided | X - Not provided | E - Existing | O - Optional *Please note that these features can be changed at any time by ICM without notice. ICM an Amadeus Company - Auto Bag Drop

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Australia UK France Singapore USA Japan 1/12 Lord Street Vedaieon Technologies D'Albiac House Roissypole - Batiment Aeronef 80, Airport Boulevard One Alliance Centre Level 21, Shiodome Lakes Business Park 313 La Trobe Street Room 1023-1024, 5 rue de Copenhague #04-26. Terminal 1 Suite 1500 Shibarikyu Building Botany NSW 2019 Melbourne VIC 3000 Cromer Road CS 13918 - Tremblay en France Singapore 819642 3500 Lenox Road, NE 1-2-3 Kaigan Minato-ku, © 2019 ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company 1119 ABD185

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