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Amadeus EASE Flexibility Through Virtualized Shared Use Airports can now attract, handle and process more passengers effi ciently, improve profi tability and save money by installing a fl exible provisioning environment that allows airlines to run their own check-in and boarding soft ware without any modifications or limitations, while still retaining all the benefits of a common use passenger processing environment. A flexibly provisioned environment that allows airlines to operate their own proprietary applications...with EASE™ Amadeus’ EASE™ platform allows airlines to extend their applications onto the airport’s common use infrastructure. EASE™ can be implemented in any airport, regardless of size, at a cost far below that of traditional common use systems, which are based on proprietary soft ware and limited to using only the operating systems, computers, and peripherals approved by the system vendor. Airport Benefits EASE™ is designed to be an open system, which means that it is built using standard ‘off-the-shelf’ hardware and peripherals, and is based upon allowing airlines to connect directly to their hosts and run their own native applications without any modification or limitations. Airport advantages include the ability to deploy the system using ordinary, inexpensive hardware, and maintained by technicians with knowledge of standard networking practices, equipment and soft ware. Additionally, a fl exible provisioning environment provides the airport with the unmatched ability to utilize all of its facilities as efficiently as possible. Airline Benefits Airlines benefi t from an open system because it allows them the flexibility to run their own soft ware, without modific

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the advantage of drastically reducing their operating costs by using airport provided and maintained infrastructure. The system also provides a Local Departure Control System (LDCS) that allows charter operators with only a reservation system to use the EASE™ system’s common use check-in and boarding software exclusively. Supported Peripheral Devices _ Direct Thermal ATB1 and ATB2 Ticket and Boarding Pass Printers _ Direct Thermal Bag Tag Printers _ Magnetic Stripe and/or Bar Code Boarding The EASE™ system interfaces to the airport’s automated baggage sorting and reconciliation systems, as...

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