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Amadeus BRS Taking your baggage services to the next level Amadeus BRS is an innovative reconciliation solution which matches real-time passenger, flight and baggage data. Amadeus BRS supports both departure and arrival bags as part of the standard product functionality. The Amadeus Baggage Reconciliation System saves airlines millions in compensation and operational costs and gives ground handlers the tools to truly differentiate their service delivery. Amadeus BRS uses real-time data to track luggage simultaneously with passenger and flight movement, storing all required data to be fully R753 compliant. Amadeus BRS is suitable for all customers: airlines, ground handlers and airports. The baggage journey As baggage enters the ‘make-up’ phase of its journey, Amadeus BRS scans each bag to confirm its arrival and document its departure following the requirements of the latest industry resolution R753. Amadeus BRS tracks the bag and its ‘last seen’ location as it is loaded onto the aircraft or during arrival. Substantial reduction in operational costs A centrally-hosted, easy to manage solution A key benefit for Altéa customers is that it is no longer necessary to send TTY messages to communicate the status and location of baggage. As R753 becomes effective, so does an increase in messages to enhance the tracking of baggage. The integration between the Altéa Departure Control System (Altéa DCS) and Amadeus BRS removes concerns related to cost increases due to messaging. Instead, airlines will see substantial operational savings. Lastly, with less intervention required to send & respond to BIMs, authorisation to load aircraft can be given quicker, resulting in faster flight turnarounds. Fewer delays make for more cost-efficient departures and satisfied passengers. Amadeus BRS is centrally-hosted in Amadeus’ private cloud from a state-of-the-art data center in Erding. All product developments, enhancements, maintenance and security are managed by Amadeus. This means customers have no concerns about on-site IT infrastructure, technical expertise, on-going investment in upgrades, data security and core room space. Instead, with a simple internet connection and user front-end, airports, airlines and ground handlers will always have access to the latest Amadeus BRS releases at no additional cost. Full product training and 24/7 help desk support is also provided with each Amadeus BRS implementation. Why Amadeus BRS? 100% reconciliation thanks to a single shared data source: Altéa DCS Centrally-hosted solution replaces the need for complex and costly on-site IT infrastructure Cost efficiencies with the removal of TTY messaging (for Altéa customers) and more on-time departures Fully compli

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Amadeus BRS product architecture 100% reconciliation with real-time data sharing Amadeus BRS is unique: check-in, gate, ramp, baggage and load agents can share data in real-time thanks to the integration with Altéa DCS. This ‘single data source’ ensures that up-to-the-minute information regarding the loading, tracking and management of baggage, passenger and flight is held centrally and can be updated and accessed on demand. Such tight data integration makes it possible to ensure baggage accuracy, reconciling passengers with their luggage 100% of the time so that no flights take-off without...

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For everyone… __Supports airports, airlines and ground handlers with loading, tracking and management of baggage __Accessible to all size customers: from small operations to large, complex airport structures For Altéa users… __Single shared source of flight, passenger and baggage information __Single source of aircraft loading compartments configuration from Altéa DCS Flight Management __Continuous visibility of reconciliation status __Enables efficient, collaborative processes __Reduced communication overheads __Reduced messaging costs Also available for non-Altéa users… __Via interface...

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Icelandair - An Amadeus BRS success story reduction in lost baggage in one year in baggage mishandling savings in one year reduction in type-B messaging expected savings over the next 5 years at a single airport THE PROBLEM As the main ground handler at Keflavik airport, Icelandair Ground Services needed to migrate from a manual baggage process to an automated one in order to comply with new airport requirements. THE SOLUTION Amadeus BRS was the best option on the market for Icelandair Ground Services. The solution not only offered the most modern technology and functionality in the market...

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