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AIRLINES ! % O manage Airports - amongst the busiest places on earth! The airport plays host to one of the most dynamic, multicultural, fast-moving businesses in the world - air travel. So many players must successfully interact to achieve the ultimate goal: streamline passenger processing and flight operations to achieve on-time departures around the clock. However, the reality is that communication and collaboration across airport activities is difficult to achieve, with multiple IT systems, applications and processes in place. A common working ground is essential to address the inefficiencies which can impact performance and costs. Converging the 3 worlds An established provider in the world of airline technology solutions, Amadeus has created a complete Altea suite of airline applications, based on solid technology foundations. It was therefore a natural progression to leverage this knowledge and expertise and apply it to airports. We have used a software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach and developed flexible, modular architecture to facilitate the evolution of our solutions for airports and ground handlers. The result: a community model, founded on the principles of data sharing, uniting the 3 worlds of airlines, airports and ground handlers. A shared platform for a more efficient airport ecosystem A flight can’t depart, a passenger can’t check in, a suitcase can’t be loaded unless airlines, airports and ground handlers collaborate at every step throughout the passenger journey. It therefore makes complete sense for airlines to form synergies with airports and ground handlers to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. This can be achieved at many levels: developing the infrastructure used to access passenger applications, sharing realtime data, streamlining passenger processing, delivering self-service capabilities and improving baggage

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Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control (DCS) Passenger processing from one centralised platform More than 1500 airports with Altéa DC presence What is Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control? Millions more people are travelling every year, putting pressure on airports to deliver passenger and flight services within the constraints of their existing infrastructure. One way to increase capacity and productivity is with a common use platform that enables ground handlers to service Altéa and non-Altéa airlines from the same desk. Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler DC incorporates full...

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Amadeus Self-Service Bag Drop ‘Drop & go’ self-service for passengers 20 seconds: the average time for one passenger to drop one bag What is Amadeus Self-Service Bag Drop? Self-service check-in kiosks have now become a standard feature in most airports to increase capacity and speed up the check-in process. Amadeus has taken this one step further with self-service baggage drop (SSBD), a quick, secure and easy way for passengers to drop their bags and head for the departure lounge. Amadeus SSBD is a multiairline, multi-airport solution and can be installed on any IATA CUSScompliant hardware....

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Cloud-based infrastructure to enhance application management With Amadeus ACUS, your airline will benefit from: _ Rapid application deployment: airline staff have instant access to the latest application versions _ Reduced network expenditure: interface to ACUS removes need to link airline DCS to each airport site _ Mobility and operational agility: access passenger processing applications from any fixed or mobile device _ Scalability: increase capacity on demand using SaaS model, hosted in the cloud _ ‘Green technology': ACUS requires no dedicated server room and uses thin client PCs,...

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