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Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager Optimise departures & maximise your runway capacity Seeking to improve aircraft movement at the airport? Aiming to lower apron and taxiway congestion as well as CO2 emissions? Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager optimises the flight departure planning shared by all airport partners, improving predictability and on time performance, even in adverse conditions. Flight delays, queues for takeoff, rising operational costs, environmental constraints, these are the concerns which have made departure sequencing a strategic outcome for airports today. Decisions, however, are most often based on a ‘first come, first served’ principle, which does not necessarily meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager uses a collaborative approach to optimise the flight departure process, taking into consideration the operational and business requirements of all partners. The solution enables a common situational awareness, shared among all airport stakeholders. Optimise the flight departure process Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager optimises the order in which flights should depart from their stands, based on key performance indicators (KPI), preferences and pre-defined criteria. The aim is to predict and plan the forthcoming events for each flight in terms of off-block and take off, and to maximize the use of all available resources, minimising overall delays and cutting costs. The solution relies on sophisticated sequencing algorithms to calculate the Target Start-Up Approval Time (TSAT) for each departing flight, systematically integrating changes in parameters coming from different sources. In particular, the Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) provided by the airlines is taken into account. Maximise the use of resources Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager helps unlock existing airport capacity, determining the most efficient departure sequence and making the best use of available resources. Runway capacity can be optimised at times of congestion, or de-icing processes taken into account during winter season. The solution systematically includes operational conditions, as well as requirements from airline operators and ground handlers, thereby improving departure punctuality and slot adherence. The end result is less aircraft taxiing and holding time on the taxiway, lowering fuel consumption and limiting CO2 emissions. Improve turnaround efficiency Our collaborative approach puts an end to the uncertainty and lack of visibility of the turnaround phase. Having a real-time vision on the whole turnaround process and operation increases the efficiency of everyone’s activities: ground handlers are able to allocate their resources more effectively; stand & gate allocation can be planned with more precision. Key benefits __ Make your airport ready for next generation A-CDM enabling compliancy with current and future SESAR standards __ Increase operational efficiency and react quickly to operational changes by building a shared situational awareness among all partners, with accurate data __ Unlock existing airport capacity and reduce slot wastage with an optimised departure sequence __ Limit the impact of adverse conditions on the flight departure planning, in particular with the de-icing procedures __ Reduce environmental impact and costs by cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the g

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Bringing benefits to all stakeholders Amadeus airport sequence manager brings benefits to everyone involved: • For airport operators, it helps optimise the overall airport capacity with a better use of stands • For air traffic controllers, it allows them to maximise runway and capacity planning, offering a precise understanding of the network demand • For ground handlers, it increases the efficiency of turnaround operations, with decisions based on shared real-time data • For aircraft operators, it reduces kerosene costs and improves punctuality, with less taxying and delays at holding...

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