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Amadeus Airport Self-Service Bag DropMaximise speed, capacity and flexibility at check-in Facing limited space with more and more travellers? Seeking to increase capacity to attract new airlines? Wishing to offer passengers a ‘Fast Travel' experience? After self-service check-in, Amadeus is now proposing a truly common use Self-Service Bag Drop, so passengers can zip through baggage registration. Airports must handle the steady growth in passengers as well as the crowds during peak seasons and disruptions, all within a limited space. Getting passengers quickly and smoothly from checkin to the gate is a top priority, as the IATA Fast Travel initiative has underlined. Self-service check-in is the start of the answer, but what about the remaining queues and congested counters to register baggage? Amadeus Airport SelfService Bag Drop will optimise the use of airport space and speed up the overall process; bag identification, weight, size and security are all assessed in just seconds. Making ‘Fast Travel' a reality Amadeus Self Service Bag Drop puts the traveller in control. Using the boarding pass printed at home or at the airport kiosk, each passenger prints their own bag tag and goes to a bag drop machine. The application software will intuitively guide them through the simple touch screen process. The passenger is identified, and each item of luggage checked for compliance with not only airline regulations and security, but also local airport rules. Once the bag is injected into the baggage system, a receipt is delivered. The bag drop is handled in a matter of seconds, against 4 minutes at a traditional counter. What’s more, passengers may drop their bag when and where they choose, giving them full autonomy. Less time in lines means more leisure time at the airport. Increasing capacity, with 24 hour availability Up to 50% more capacity is gained with bag drop machines, leaving more space to attract new airlines or undertake other activities. With fewer agents needed behind traditional counters, ground handlers in particular can widen their services capabilities. As the machines are commonly hosted, they can be placed throughout the airport for any airline. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Airport Self-Service Bag Drop brings more fluidity to passenger flows, making it easier to handle peak season congestion or crowds caused by disruptions. Easily deployed for all airlines, on any bag drop equipment Amadeus Airport Self-Service Bag Drop is CUSS compliant. It has been designed to be hardware agnostic and simple to deploy on any compliant bag drop equipment. Hardware may be upgraded or changed, without impacting the system. Integration with airline departure control systems (DCS) is also quick and easy. Since the software is centrally hosted, there is no need to link up to airlines individually. Once first implemented, it is then available for all airlines, Altea and non-Altea. Key benefits _ Take full advantage of a centrally hosted multi-DCS solution available for all airlines _ Enhance the passenger experience with a baggage drop process that is up to six times faster and available anytime, anywhere in the airport _ Increase airport capacity without further infrastructure investment, optimise counter space use to serve more airlines _ Improve flexibility and efficiency to handle fluctuating passenger flows with a fast and easy-to-use automated process, available 24 hours a day

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Product key features __ A commonly hosted solution that works with all DCSs, handling all airlines (Altéa and non-Altéa) __ Configurable to the specific requirements of airports or airlines • Full integration with baggage handling systems and local airport baggage policies, including security/AAA and airline global and regional rules and policies • Excess baggage revenue collection available __ Easy to deploy with great flexibility: • Available to all airlines through one robust single network link • Can be installed on any type of bag drop hardware • Fully customisable in terms of look &...

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