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Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification Enhance security with a seamless scan & go process Concerned by the accuracy and time spent on security checks? Looking for more visibility on the passenger flows in your airport? Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification offers an automated process to handle passenger checks at all touch points, with full speed and reliability, using up-to-date airline DCS data. Identifying each passenger on each flight, adhering to security regulations… Passenger checks are key to ensure controlled access to the different airport zones and optimise the gate service and boarding process. Today, most checks are done manually or are only partly automated, slowing the passenger flow and leaving room for human errors. Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification automates all checks at the various touch points, performing verifications against airline departure control systems (DCS). As the passenger proceeds to the departure gate, pertinent data is provided for tailored services and upsell opportunities. A seamless process, with DCS integration The moment the boarding pass is scanned at the airport a first range of verification and security checks is performed. The system retrieves passenger and flight information from both the airport AODB and the airline DCSs. Further checks can be made as the boarding pass is swiped at retail shops, food & beverage facilities and at the lounge access. This full automation impacts the overall performance: more checks are done in less time, achieving operational efficiency in a cost effective way. Reinforced security for airside access Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification ensures the traveller’s conformity with rules and regulations, and checks for any fraud or payment problem. It also verifies the passenger is definitely booked and checkedin on the right flight. Airport security is strengthened, with better control of airside access. Real-time information may be used to make critical decisions for the passenger, as well as for the airline at the departure gate. This leads to a smoother boarding process with fewer last minute issues to be handled by airside agents. Key benefits: __ Enhance security measures for airside access by performing advanced passenger verification against airline DCSs __ Optimise overall airport throughput gate allocation time, slot adherence thanks to access to real-time flight and passenger location information at the boarding gate __ Deliver a differentiated passenger experience, converting all touch points into opportunities for tailored services and upsell __ Enrich airport data with accurate passenger information for the benefit of airline customers and other airport partner

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A wide reaching optimisation With more and more online and mobile check-ins, it is difficult to know if passengers have arrived at the airport until they show up at the gate. Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification locates the person from the moment the boarding pass is scanned: no more guessing or waiting for no-shows. Airlines can decide when to process waiting lists, offload luggage, and determine whether or not to hold the gate or close boarding. Gate allocation time and slot adherence are optimised, ultimately improving the overall airport throughput. The wealth of data collected may be...

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Product key features __ Boarding pass scanning solution with real-time verification against: • Airline DCSs (Altéa or not) • Local airport databases __ Centralised system, allowing a dynamic and easy extension of checks throughout the airport __ Easy integration with third party scanners (e.g. boarding tokens, 2D barcode boarding pass, compatible with NFC readers) through a standardised web service XML interface __ One single data-source, with possible data distribution into Business Intelligence Systems __ An integral part of Amadeus Airport suite of solutions, supporting products such as...

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Why Amadeus? __ Real-time passenger checks performed against all airline DCSs and local airport databases __ Updated Altéa DCS information allowing airport partners to take better informed decisions __ Airport data enriched with all recorded passenger information stored in one single data source CONTACT US TODAY

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