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Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS_Maximise your return on infrastructure investments How to handle the growing air traffic with your existing infrastructure? How to guarantee the best use of airport facilities to airline and ground handler customers? Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS is a resource management system that helps determine the best possible fixed resource allocation against the flight schedule and based on your airport's business drivers. Airports are experiencing more and more pressure on their fixed resources (e.g. stands & gates, check-in desks, baggage belts and chutes), seeking to make the most of the infrastructure in place, with the right balance between operational constraints and business objectives. Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS is a resource management system that matches aircraft and passengers with the best possible fixed resource allocation. The airport’s key performance indicators (KPI) are integrated in the optimisation process, and supported by business rules. Partners’ preferences are included, reinforcing collaborative decision making and enabling quick and decisive action. Optimise planning in one simple click Our solution proposes the best allocation for all fixed resources. It sets the planning for an operational day, or range of operational days, based on the airport flight schedule and KPIs related to the resources. Updates are easily made and the flight plan for the whole day can be optimised in just one click. The increased accuracy helps reduce impacts on airport operations, and diminish the chance of flight delays. Travellers may be advised earlier of their departure gate and avoid time consuming transfers in buses. Meet key business objectives Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS has been tailored to enable airports to meet their main business objectives. Our solution goes beyond the traditional rules based approach, simultaneously processing multiple weighted KPIs. In particular, it enables airports to: _ maximise passengers at contact stands _ minimise aircraft tows _ limit late changes to stand allocations _ match gate lounge capacity with aircraft passenger volumes _ improve compliance with customer preferences Access to real-time data contained within the Amadeus Altea systems provides visibility up to 365 days before operational day and helps assign aircraft and passengers to the optimum stands and gates. Limit towing, maximise passengers at stands Our solution helps increase overall operational efficiency. Aircraft can be easily positioned on stands as close as possible to their handling facilities. Overlapping flights may be allocated adjacent stands, to be turned around in less time and at lower cost. More aircraft can be placed at contact stands, simplifying the ground handling process and reducing the use of buses to reach remote sites. A speedier turnaround diminishes the risk of flight delay; passengers may remain longer in the retail areas, increasing revenue opportunities. Reinforce collaborative decision making The visualisation of data within the Gantt view provides a full situational awareness of all stand and gate allocations, enabling quick and decisive action to avert conflicts. Decision support tools help resolve resource allocation issues by presenting KPI driven options, indicating how the changes will impact objectives.

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Key benefits __ Prevent late stand and gate changes with real-time flight data updates from the source and with passenger details __ Improve operational efficiency and reinforce customer satisfaction with a better use of fixed resources and a clear visibility on decisions and their impacts on SLAs __ Reduce costs through an optimised use of stands and gates so that infrastructure expansion investment can be postponed __ Enhance passenger experience with a speedier turnaround process diminishing the risk of flight delays Product key features __ A Web based, community solution • Centrally...

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