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AirWave designed by Charles Godbout

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Features, options and benefits 22 Find your AirWave 40

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Overview Find your own wave AirWave is a new modular seating solution that combines can be arranged in a linear or curved series, followed style, comfort and versatility. by endless possible single and double configurations of A waiting seat collection that offers performance single and double seats. characteristics that respect both user privacy and airport Thanks to its design innovation and endless customizable layout standards. AirWave illustrates this desire to find features, AirWave can appeal to a wide range of contract solutions adapted to specific market requirements. environments...

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Imagine a wave rolling across the room AirWave enables the creation of infinite sinusoidal curve patterns The collection is completed with a series of high-backed seats, in single or double units allowing for multiple arrangements. Seating units with high back panels can be arranged stand-alone, side-by-side, or combined to generate various sinusoidal curve patterns. 8

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AirWave Catalogue - 7

Individual and collective spaces AirWave optimizes working spaces The shape of the high or low backrests combine to create numerous configurations of sinusoidal curves, allowing you to optimize floor space; units with high backs can be arranged individually, side by side, or combined to generate various patterns. Depending on the arrangement of seating in short, medium or long wave sine curves, a variety of configurations of collective spaces (teamwork, informal meetings) or more private niches (relaxation or reading areas, individual work) can be created. 12

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AirWave Catalogue - 9

Coat hanger Detail of the high wave panel with a coat hanger

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AirWave Catalogue - 10

Divider panel The divider panel it provides privacy and extra room to leave luggage and bags. Ideal for airport lounge areas and the coat hanger on both sides complete the concept

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Side tables The side tables offer extra spaces between two units

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AirWave Catalogue - 12

AirWave’s equipment Features, options and benefits • Suitable for a wide range of environments including offices, hotels, universities, public lounges and personal and collective spaces High or low wave options Short, medium and long wave configurations Available in a large selection of fabrics and faux leathers Customised project finishes on request Optional swivel side table which can incorporate AirCharge Optional USB-A, USB-C and UKF power sockets incorporated into the seat Irregular and trapezoidal side tables offer extra space between two units The AirWave system creates privacy zones...

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AirWave Catalogue - 14

The AirWave models can be customized in several different fabric options. The diagram on the side shows the main components of AirWave, along with the different panels that can be upholstered in coordinating or contrasting colors to suit your scheme. Back Panel Front Panel Seat Top Seat Base HIGH BACK BACK SUPPORT

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AirWave Catalogue - 15

Structure finishes Legs, plinth and back support finishes Plinth, leg and back structures are available in specified colors as per sample card (see the diagram page 54) and also available in a range of other colors on request. 28

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AirWave Catalogue - 16

Wireless technology AirCharge AirWave’s advantages is that it is available in a more airy freestanding version and in a version with a plinth base that allows for the addition of swivel console tables and the integration of the electrical connection system as well as wireless charging points for mobile communication devices. Incorporating AirCharge into the AirWave side tables provides users with a convenient top up charge to their Qi-enabled mobiles, without the need for a cable. Simply place the mobile device onto AirCharge whilst working or relaxing in AirWave.: • Provides the latest...

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AirWave Catalogue - 17

Power options AirWave seating systems can be supplied with various power and USB options : PROTON Proton is designed to provide AC power and USB ‘fast-charging’ in its simplest form. Designed for panel mounting in furniture, Proton presents a single or double-outlet model in a stylish matt silver, matt black, glossy black or chrome decorative bezel. USB USB Type-A connector in the standard flat, rectangular interface that is primarily used on most USB devices. USB Type-C is a new connector, adopted by all the major manufacturers of mobile devices. Reversible with a slim design, it enables...

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AirWave Catalogue - 18

Product range Plinth base

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AirWave Catalogue - 20

Wave configurations Optional extended linking panel to create different configurations

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AirWave Catalogue - 21

Find your AirWave Some examples of how the AirWave models can be combined to create unique configurations

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AirWave Catalogue - 23

College d'Alma Quebec, Canada Project: Lounge area Product: AirWave lounge chair with swivel side table University College London London, United Kingdom Project: Waiting area Products: AirWave 2 short side waves with AirCharge and swivel side table, AirWave 2 short side waves with AirCharge and swivel table College d'Alma Quebec, Canada Project: Lounge area Products: AirWave lounge chair with swivel table, AirWave ottoman 45

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AirWave Catalogue - 24

Mixology North18 Design Awards, UK - Finalist Grands Prix du Design Awards 2019, Quebec - Winner Mixology North19 Design Awards, UK - Finalist Architizer A + Product Awards 2021, USA - Finalist Good Design Award 2022, USA, Chicago Athenaeum - Winner BigSEE Product Design Award 2023, Ljubljana - Winner GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 THE CHICAGO ATHENAEUM MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN Architizer A+Product Awards

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AirWave Catalogue - 25

The designer Industrial designer Charles Godbout, living in Montreal, first made his mark on the design industry as founder and CEO of a manufacturing company specializing in exhibiting high-tech systems. After several years he returned to his first love, furniture design, and opened his independent studio, Topo Design. Since then he has steadily built a solid reputation as a prolific, creative, highlyskilled designer and has collaborated with several furniture companies on an international level. For him industrial design is, first and foremost, a tremendous tool to serve both human needs...

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AirWave Catalogue - 26

Finishes Cat A - Lanee Melange (fabric) 100% Pure New Wool Cat B - Ninja (fabric) 100% High Politex “idrorepellente”

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