Restraint and tiedown fittings buckles and hooks - 6 Pages

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Restraint and tiedown fittings buckles and hooks

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Restraint Fittings

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Best in class – allsafe provides only high quality fittings Made in Germany. Our in-house production especially of various Tiedown Fitting products with single parts coming from certified sub suppliers in Germany makes the difference: - highest safety level with computer controlled assembly process - highest quality level with best corrosion protection because of e.g. high-grade stainless steel or ZnNi surface treatment; free of CrVI, REACH compliant - 100% airworthiness and full traceability with batch tracking - product know how and documentation state of the art; datasheet drawings and...

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■ ■ ■ Restraint Fittings puter cor ^ ~ Tiedown Single Stud Fitting Best in class: Sicherheit Made in Germany with computer controlled assembly and fulltrace ability. Different options make them custom-fit. Tiedown Single Stud k Tiedown single stud Ultimate load: see table Tiedown Single Stud allsafe Stud: ZnNi-plated Retainer: aluminium anodized Ring: stainless steel With hole for securing pin (SP) With hole for securing pin (SP) With hole for securing pin (SP) With hole for securing pin (SP) Tiedown single stud allsafe Ultimate load: * FX > 8.9 kN / 2000 lbf Fy > 8.9 kN / 2000 lbf FXZ45°>...

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its with packaging un e pcs. availabl 100 ■ ■ ■ Restraint Fittings High ultimate load meets various attachment opportunities. International standard gives you confidence in choosing the right basic design for your application. High quality with fulltrace ability. } Tiedown Double and Triple Stud Fitting Description Tiedown double stud fitting ISO 9788 with hole for securing pin (SP) Ultimate load: * > 22.2 kN / 5000 lbf any direction Steel, ZnNi-plated Tiedown Double Stud Fitting Tiedown Double Stud Fitting with Ring Tiedown double stud fitting Steel, ZnNi-plated with ring d = 44/6.5 Ring:...

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■ ■ ■ Restraint Fittings Choose hook for different applications. All made of aluminium alloy. } Special Fittings Anti Shingle Device Anti shingle device Ultimate load: * Fv> 22.2 kN / 5000 lbf * when installed in heavy duty track according to AS33601 Ultimate load: ** mil1 finish 75008 Snap hook Aluminium, 43 grs. Ultimate load: ** mil1 finish Aluminium anodized * when used with appropriate webbing

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■ ■ ■ Restraint Fittings To be sewed on a strap or directly fitted into airline track – available for all applications, strong, lightweight and easy to use. . Cam buckle anodized Ultimate load: * > 8.9 kN / 2000 lbf Body and lever: aluminium, anodized Cam Buckle with Hook Cam buckle with hook Ultimate load: * > 6.7 kN / 1500 lbf Body, lever and hook: aluminium, anodized Seat Track Fittings Cam Buckle with Single Stud 75005 Cam buckle with single stud Frame: aluminium, Ultimate load: * anodized > 7.1 kN / 1600 lbf Stud: galv. steel Retainer: aluminium * when used with appropriate webbing

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