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AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings Av iox® SGL Aluminium Semi-Gloss Metallic Topcoat Aviox Advanced Series Tomorrow’s Answers Today Aviox® SGL Aluminium is a low VOC, three-component, durable, semi-gloss metallic topcoat designed for exterior use on landing gear and other areas of the aircraft. The coating is an advanced development and answers the industry’s request for environmentally responsible coatings resistant to erosion, aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals. Easy to use This easy to use high solid topcoat, applied with High Solid Primer 10P20-13, is qualified to the Messier-Dowty PCS 2530 specification and is in accordance with the Aviox Advanced Series requirements. It also utilizes the latest high solid technology that is compliant with current and future requirements while setting the standard for minimum process times and reduced process cycle costs. Aviox® advanced series application Aviox® CF Primer 37124 Primer Aviox® Primer 37098 Aviox® Finish 77702 Topcoat Added performace The Aviox Advanced Series are formulated to yield a low dry film density, which can help reduce the overall aircraft weight and in turn can contribute to lower fuel costs during operation. Aircraft manufacturers and airlines gain an added performance advantage when they apply the Aviox Advanced Series system to their aircraft. Aviox® Advanced Mica Special effect topcoat AIMS 04.04.025 Aviox® Clearcoat UVR Clearcoat AIMS 04.04.023 Aviox® Non-Slip Walkway topcoat AIMS 04.04.024 Aviox® SGL Aluminum Metallic topcoat Messier-Dowty pCS 2530 Aviox® Matt Clear Anti glare topcoat AIMS 04.04.023

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